donderdag 22 december 2011


For the first Big Game I had in 2010 I needed minefield for NATO to defend themselves with vs the Great Russian Horde. I spent some time cutting out 10x10 cm sheets of plasticcard, basing them, painting them and eventually just finishing 2, the rest languishing in my spares bin.

10x10 Unmarked Minefield
This turned out to be a  waste of time and resources as unmarked minefield are not put down on the table....bit of a Doh! moment <facepalm>

10x10 Marked Minefield
Looks very nice, but in the end also a waste of time and resources, cause how am I easily going to carry 10 of these without damaging them, in my transport case through 2 airports? Thinking before acting isn't my forte, thats for sure.

So, how change it? Well, like this:

Simple really, in the logic that I just need to mark the field 4 signs on the corners should suffice, right?

Easy, peasy.

Made for Rapid Fire Moderns, they are generic enough to work for other systems as well. They take hardly any time to build as well, cause the bases are 20x20mm precuts, a bit of brass wire and 0.5mm plasticcard I cut out with a punch actually meant for scrapbooking. More importantly, 1 minefield now takes up 40x40mm so more fit my small scenery storage boxes and they are a lot less susceptible to damage.

I'll be making another set with other markers, and the shape is great for most common roadsigns as well.

Test succesful.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Hehe, sometimes we ar too creative for our own good. Nice solution though!

  2. Great minefields even that I've seen them several times spread across the www! They don't seem to bore me at all!

    Btw, de uruk-hai en mordheim sprues zijn nog steeds niet geschilderd, ik heb je blog toegevoegd aan mijn links. Als je wat tijd hebt twijfel dan niet om eens een bezoekje te brengen.