vrijdag 9 december 2011

More WIP's

Received a few things in the mail this week,

A 2nd hand Cromwell MT-LBu for my Russians and 6 Reaper Dust Scorpions that I think should do well for my Fallout bits....I'll propably do 5 normal ones and 1 albino. Size wise they are a bit in between normal and giant ones, but hey, the other ones I found towered over 20mm figs and these should do fine with 15mm figs as well. Or Modhails 28mm ones.

Also in the mail this week, a SandS Bedford RL, the closest I could find that resembles the Fallout ones. I'd like to chop one up and turn it into a tractor but can't afford that at the moment, not for a scenic piece anyway, these cost 11 quid. From my stock I converted my last M35, ready to accept a SandS container pod, only to find out it doesn't match my drawings at all.....

...so I've gone back to the drawing board and started to build one from scratch. I only need the one anyway as a command vehicle for my American troops. I've found a picture of a modified SUV that is used to control UAV's that I will copy for my mercenary radio vehicle, so that is set as well.

On a more personal note, I broke my favorite pair of clippers :(

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