maandag 6 februari 2012

Better Red than Dead, 1 15mm sci-fi test

I've given up waiting for 20mm sci-fi and changed the label on my collection of kit of it to 15mm. A almost daily stream of releases makes it hard for me to keep ignoring it and I want to do sci-fi, dammit. Didn't make the Gunbird just to gather dust in Ireland.

So, a test to see if I can do this. In this case a 15mm droid, RB001 from The Scene.

Goodmorning class, be seated <sound of moving chairs>

Today we will discuss new intell about the Chinese Infantry Droids, and in particular the FA3 model, unofficially called Eggheads  <sounds of muffled laughter from class>. Durasteel outer shell, very efficient battery, packs a medium sized laser weapon and a CHMP-class AI system, these are programmed with a degree of flexibility. The Chinese have been using these as installation and colony guards for quite some time, but recent events have shown they can be used as field expedient combat troops as well. We assume this upgrade to come from the same, as yet unknown,  source as they acquired the specs for this droid from.  We do not have the full details, some claim this to be an upgrade called NV, but be aware that their capabilities have been increased. Rumours are circulating about support weapon variants, as well as comms and NCO’s.  Be wary men, we do not know what other types will be coming online in the future.

Now, I’ve heard chatter about their robots going rogue. Some even speak of a colony ship full of them vanishing , never to be seen again, and alien traders mentioning a colony run exclusively by bots in the Pitts system. Our intelligence is quite clear on this matter, this is all nonsense, FA3’s are not capable of this nor will they ever be as their processors can’t handle such independent thoughts.
And as a refresher, we will go over their weaknesses again <sighs from the students> ….

Excerpt Vidlog recording of Capt. Vandermeer, USA Training Academy, MARS, discussing new intell on the FA3 droid.

I've chosen the PRC as my force for, amongst others, TW.

Real size:


PRC decal is the smallest available 1/600 one from Doms Decals in the UK, the numbers are the smallest ones available from I-94 Decals in the US. Base is 1 Eurocent. Base unfinished due to this being a test.
Model was cleancast, minimal mould line, just some excess metal where the "hands" are. Cleaning it took just a minute.

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  1. Cool. The decals are a nice touch, Sir.

  2. Very keen! And welcome to 15mm. Heh.

  3. So small but so good painted. The decals are spot on!


  4. Very nice paint job, and that is a great figure too.

    Looking forward to seeing your take on 15mm sci-fi armor.

  5. Welcome to the dark side, nice robot.