dinsdag 21 februari 2012

The Hobby Den HD34 Shorland Armoured Car

Just finished the Hobbyden HD34 Shorland Armoured Car, with the turret removed, painted as the vehicle for CNN in Bosnia.

Picked a few of these up a while ago, with a propable use for the 2012 Big Game police forces. Nicely cast, bit bubbly on the underside but no one is going to notice that. Softer resin then the RH Models one, so easy to carve and change it about. It did need 2 good scrub downs to get all of the mould release removed. The turret does not have a drop in hole, I would have liked that, but adding 2 magnets should not be too much of a hassle so no biggie. Nicely scaled, this should do well as a police vehicle for 3rd world countries, as an armoured vehicle for rebels and marauders or, as in my case, a vehicle for a news agency. Currently retails for 6.50 euro.

On to the pics.

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  1. Fine job, Sir...as always a pleasure to view the fruits of your labors.