zaterdag 11 februari 2012

Familiar robots in new colours

A new update, more droids/robots.

On the left, RB002 from the Scene, on the right, converted Germy quad walkers GMM-34, currently sold by GZG.

RB002, the not-New Vegas droid is fun to paint but I felt a bit limited by what I saw of it playing the game, as in how on earth can I paint a face on that? So it was sitting here for over a week, finished but faceless. Only when I was sorting through my decals for signs to put on the quads I found decals for the instrument panel of a 1/72 Apache, et voila, he now has a face. Painted him in Chinese colours, no number (I can always add that later), and not sure yet how to use it.

GMM-34's are from Germy's quirky 2mm sci-fi line now sold by GZG, which I picked up when they were released so I could use them as small 6mm walkers. I stripped some detail off them, reposed the legs and then forgot about them. Now I felt I could use some mobile power generators, like the ones from Star Wars, so here they are, 3 GMM-34 portable fusion generators.

Being mobile means you can direct them to where they need to go, either to power uip some tools, machinery or even systems on a starship. They are not the brightest tool in the shed, 3 big sensors don't prevent them from bumping into things sometimes. They are also very heavy due to the shielding. They come equipped with the standard warning labels, 4 power sockets and a strobe light and motion alarm to let people know one is moving. Mostly found on backwater world starports that lack a fusion plant or locations that want to stay under the radar, and some militaries use these as well for back up. Terrorists have tried to use these as mobile bombs but these have so many failsafe systems built into their heavily shielded hulls they shut down at the slightest sign of tampering.

Number 1/524 has one of the acces ports open and shows the socket for the coupling. Mechanics noted Q8 on the inside of the acces panel, propably a insiders joke.

Number 2/unknown has a different shell and Russian markings, GMM-34's have been produced and copied on many locations.

There is nothing notewordy to say about 3/321

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  1. Awesome!

    I have never given those walkers a second look. For micro scale walker they just seemed too comical but as shop bots they look perfect.


  2. Great work on these, very good decal work.

  3. Fantastic work on those - that four-legged walker is brilliant! I'm on the same page as Eli (stealing the idea, hope my implementation is half as good as yours)