zondag 3 april 2016

Impact - what a lovely day

Today, I had a day to myself to viist the Impact wargamesconvention in Eindhoven, run by the Hired Guns from Uden. Usually this is held in Uden itself but they had been looking for a bigger venue for a while and found it in Eindhoven. This made me happy as Uden is further away from me then Eindhoven, though with travel time (bike to train >> train to walking and everything added up it makes no real difference. Just cheaper.

Today was a good day.

First, a photoimpression of the tables I looked at.

Gerard Boom and his Styrodur....he unfortunately had lost his voice....

Plenty of Dystopian Wars gaming going on, there were also multiple X-wing tables

Ludwig's Arhem table, with all buildings 3D drawn and printed by himself

Scrapheap challenge...I spent so much time in the coffee area chatting with Sander, Jan-Willen, Rikh and Britt I managed to completly miss out on this!

My apolagies if the pictures don't pan out well....new phone since yesterday and I'm still getting used to it. Must also get a memory card for it.

I spent the morning chasing after people I was trading with and casually skimming the rather smallish Bring and Buy (all 2 metres of it). Found another Macragge flyer for 15 euro, but on closer inspection it was missing the main body with the tailsection so I passed on that...too much money for an incomplete kit. Seller didn't even realise it was missing the part untill I told him about it. Tons of books for sale, but I'm passing on more books as I'm looking to sell most of my own. Did find a big bag of Warlord Late War Germans and 4 Lunar Class Imperial Cruisers for BFG (2 standard and 2 with Nova Cannon) which will make excellent additions to my Imperial Fleet.....that I must paint in the near future. Modhail insists :)  The Germans I picked up for TNT conversions at a later date.

My trades were a box of 30 Warlord Ancient Brits (new in the box, also for TNT conversions), a big stack of Styrodur 5mm plates so I can make even more wall sections and couple of 1/72 aircraft kits (C-47, Do-18, Me-262 and a MH-60K Nighthawk (which I need for my Black Hawk Down stuff)). Also a small stack of WH Zombie sprues, a SM vehicle accessories sprue, a large post apoc battlebus of some sort. Finally the 2 GW Cityfight books, a Necromunda Enforcer warband and some 28mm Inquisitor models.

I didn't buy much. Just a NIB Inquisitor Gideon Lorr for a eyewatering 5 euros (this model has sold listings on Ebay ranging from 10-25 Pounds, none of them NIB) making this a extremely good deal and some radioactive D10 dice for the TNT Demo kit. I had intended to buy brass wire from Dax Magic, but as I had not sent a message in advance they did not carry them with them. My own fault. I will make a purchase at a later date as I found 2 more strands of wire when cleaning so I can go on for a while.

There was plenty more stuff, a lot more traders compared to the previous edition of 2 years ago. Loads of stuff though that does not interest me, like X-wing and other collectable miniatures games. I had looked for some FoW stuff from the Israeli wars, but found none, only tanks of Vietnam stuff and 2 vendors with the new Team Yankee stuff. The little bit of interest I have for that period is aimed soley at 3mm right now, so no loss. Most of the prices of kits I can't afford anyway. I might try and save up for a box of Crusader Sergeants, but that is another 26 euros maybe better spent somewhere else. I'll cut off any spending for a while as I need to save up for the battle table.

At the end of the day, after trades, entry fee and train fare, I came out with more money then I had started with....always good!

Socially it was great fun as well, I met plenty of fellow wargamers that I have dealt or chatted with before, Rikh also showed up (Frostgrave last Friday) and I finally got to meet our expat Britt Green, and I'm expecting to see him here for a game of Frostgrave soon. We all had a long chat with Sander and Jan-Willem about wargaming, cultural differences between the EU, UK and USA and of course ze war.

And then it was time to go home again. I arrived at a jolly place as a few of our friends had arrived to keep Kim and the kids company and we all had dinner together. I had a really nice day, I've got plenty of energy now to tackle the rest of the work tomorrow and get the new room done asap.

+Edit+ Almost forgot, earlier this week I traded some old metal nids (Hive Tyrant, Lictor, Screamer Killer, some Warriors and Hormagaunts for a brandnew box of this:
Stupid picture won't turn correctly!
Talk about trading up :)

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  1. Looks like a good day: some very nice tables there. And some nice trading scores: especially Deathwatch Overkill! That'll give you plenty to paint.

    1. Enough to keep my busy for quite some time. I'm worried my painting isn't up to scratch to handle the Overkill miniatures so I will keep that on the backburner for now. Anyway, I should not be sitting behind the PC, I have a room to sort out :)