woensdag 6 april 2016

Trading places, part 1

Captains log, something or other. Day 2.

Behind me I can hear my in laws painting the new girls room, and I can take a break after 2 days of hard work getting things in place, with more then a little bit of help from Modhail. After I dropped the kids off at daycare on tuesday, I raced home to get started and move most of the kids stuff into our bedroom as well as get the first bits of kit into the new hobbyroom.

From this:

To this:

Went quick enough. i managed to avoid having to dissasemble the cabinets so saved a lot of time. I then ran into the tiny problem of not having enough boxes to get all the remaining scatter sorted.
We decided to call it a day, I installed my PC and found out that......the WiFi was so bad that I managed to get a 1kb/s connection. Nothing loaded, connection time out errors all the time. After moving the PC a bit and fiddling with the antennas I got as much as 40kb/s but that is useless for me (and anyone these days), so a quick spending of some coupons paid for the order of a range extender, and that was it for Monday.

Tuesday came and Modhail helped me shift the really big, bulky and heavy stuff into the new hobbyroom. Everything in the new hobbyroom is now in place. Sadly for me, so if all of our kids stuff so my hobbyroom is now filled to the gills with stuff andf it will be impossible for me to sort anything out for the next 2 days while Kim paints.

So we put plastic wrap on the floor, wrapped Kim in plastic:
And off she went. Poor thing, she painted the first metre or so, then remembered she should lightly sand the wood first so stopped to do that, then rememberd she would have to clean it all with a damp rag, so I helped her out a bit. Around dinner time she had managed to do all of the woodwork and edges in the first coat of white.

After dinner her folks passed by to help out (they are still here actually, not finished yet) and 2 walls are now becoming white in a rapid fashion.
At the moment I'm boxed in sitting here (I know how a sardine feels now):
Booster arrived, though delivered 10 doors down the street cause the delivery man had problems with reading, he thought he had to drop it off at 64 and as they did not open the door dropped it off at 63 instead, who happens to be a good friend of ours. I only saw this because the online update said it had been delivered at 63. If I had used another company I would have never known. :/ Anyway, the damn thing works, after some trial and error, I can get 10-15Mb/s now which is more then enough for Youtube and blogging. Damn thing works so well I now have reception in the parking lot behind our house!

Other mailmen arrived today that did find my house. 10 Macragge Marines arrived, to be used as paint testers, 2 old Citadel Chaos Hounds, my Brigade Miniatures order (later more) and a surprise present from Tobias from Germany. Besides being a post apoc gamer, he is also a very gifted sculptor and a fellow Asperger. He sent me a care package to help cope with all of the stress lately, something I highly appreciate :)

The next 2 days will be more painting, wallpapering and getting the furniture back into the room, as well as some fixings, lights and assembly of a additional cabinet for clothes (you know, girls....) but at a more relaxed pace then these last 2 days. Can't force paint to dry, can I?

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  1. More productive then my last two days at work.

  2. That's quite an operation, but a necessary one it seems. It will probably look so much better when everything is finished.

    1. When we were finished lastnight, Kim sat next to me in the new hobbyroom and started looking around at how I arranged everything. I asked her what was wrong, to which she replied: "Nothing. It just feels right, like the room was always supposed to be like this". I smiled :)

    2. There's nothing more rewarding than those simple words. Hopefully it is the start of a beautiful story with a lot of luck in there.
      Next chapter: a new job?

    3. Let us go with: Full Recovery first, only 2 more weeks till the test results.

  3. Looks really nice, sardine, I mean Johan! Great moddeling on scale 1/1!