woensdag 20 april 2016

In the beginning....

Right, just a quick update, it is actually rather busy atm.

Hobbydesk cleared and ready to get back to work. Details like storage boxes for tools and what not will have to come later when I get a bit more into it.

A 2nd whiteboard, now on the door, to keep track of my trades, purchases, hobby plans and notes during games.
Spliced the powercable for the lights and spaced them a metre apart so they will cast no shadows on the table when the new 200w daylightbulbs arrive (Only 40w standard bulbs in them now) and be colour real for the photographs
I'm now in the progress of getting everything out of the cupboards again, one at a time, and checking all the boxes, removing the ones that should not be here or have a different content or are empty, and relabelling the ones that remain (if not correctly labelled already). Also all of the boxes with paint and tools will be relocated to the paint cabinet, to keep that under one roof so to speak.

I'm on easy mode right now, so doing it slow for the rest of the week. Friday evening, Erik is coming over to move one wall of cabinets by 10-15 cm's so we have space to put the table in when not used (I had kinda forgotten about that part). Next week, I can start attacking my Nemesis.

This is my Nemesis.

Storage boxes go back 4 rows deep

Loose stuff just tossed in there during the move

That is half the attic stuffed to the gills with hobby stuff, stuff from my old house and everything I could not let go of yet. Starting next week I will tackle that one box at a time, sorting, dumping, keeping and selling the contents. There are at least 50 storage boxes and then a lot of loose smaller boxes and stuff.

Also, in other news, I just got back from the Orthopedic doctor. The RMI showed that I have sustained damage to the cartilage of my left knee, which is permament. He reccomends physiotherapy to manage the pain. Not the kind of news I had been hoping for :( Back in 3 months for another check up and a meeting with my insurance company as I can't afford to pay for that much physiotherapy, so the bill will have to be footed by the insurance company of the guy that ran over me. Much discussion to ensue about that one I think.

I'm taking a few days off for R&R, do stuff outside the house. Or something.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Your Nemesis sure looks like a challenge, ... But I guess that's one of the defining factors for a Nemesis. I can only offer you a 'best of luck' as support.

    1. "Best of luck" accepted Wouter. It is a large task indeed but as long as I'm at home I think I can manage quite a bit quickly enough.

  2. Nice desk! But those boxes? Wow! I thought I had a lot, but it looks like you have even more! Good luck with sorting everything out!


    1. I have waaay too much then I will ever need, so lot's will have to go in the coming period. I'll manage :)