zaterdag 30 april 2016

Miniature sun x 2

Well, something brightend up my day (not that it has changed my foul mood much)

Wasn't expecting 2 boxes the size of my lower arm though! The picture they used for the lamp was a stock photo of a normal 20W lightbulb, and this lamp is considerably bigger!

Much bigger then a can of fizzy drink!. It is a good thing I kept my fittings for it up high....

Old light on the right (60 watts), new light on the left (275 watts)
It is currently slightly overcast but with enough sunlight to make me squint when I look outside. When I rolled down the shutters and closed the door (which completely darkens the room) and hit the switch it really is just like a very sunny day. So much light even, that when I rolled the shutters back up and turned off the lights, it actually darkend :D

After a quick check there are still some shadows on the table but nowhere near as pronounced as before, so taking shots of games in progress will not come out looking dodgy due to the lights, and I have the option to lower them for a bit to get closer to the table if I need to.

And in other news, my request for a shrink has been turned down, but upgraded to a request for more specialist care and help with my application for a company that specializes in finding fitting jobs for autistic persons like myself, to prevent me falling inot the same trap over and over (work for a year, unemployed for 5-9 months, work for a year etc).

And the catch of the week is that I actually spent money to buy stuff this week. I bought 2 big lots, 1 of 6 boxes of mostly OOP GW plastic scenery, new in the box (1/3rd of that has already been sold off, briging my total expense for 2 boxes of GW trees, 1 box of Arcane Ruins and 1 box of Battlescape (the ruined Rhino with some craters) down to 50 euros, which, frankly, is a bargain. The other lot is 4 BFG fleets in one go (Imperial, Chaos, custom built Ork fleet and custom built Dark Eldar fleet with lots of ordonance and escorts plus a box full of planets and asteroids to fill out my own collection. I'll sort out what I need for myself and put the rest back up for trade with friends or forum members as we are trying to get a BFG thing going again locally.

And that is it. After today there will be no buying or swapping for a month (all of May), just selling. Goal is to collect 100 euros in Paypal sales to fund the 4x4 Cobblestone and the 4x4 Concrete mat. Bonus would be selling another 100 to fund either a additional third 6x4 Spacemat or upgrade the 2 4x4 mats to 6x4 mats. If I would be able to sell another 100 it would be 6x4 mats all round. Miniatureswise my wants list is now very, very small, I just want to get cracking with painting miniatures and building more scenery in the evenings.

So, some good news, some bright news, and some bad news that turned into good news. If all goes well I could be painting again next, wish me luck!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. That is bright light indeed! Don't forget to use aftersun when you leave that room! :-D


  2. Nice find these lamps!
    Bad news about the shrink, but perhaps it will turn out right with the help you were offered.
    Quite a nice haul you had this month. The prizes on eBay for BFG are crazy, so I'm a bit surprised you were able to get so much for I assume a little. Care to share any pictures?
    I hope to catch a game of BFG with you in the future, somewhere after my battle with Modhail.

    1. We'll see. A bad knee and a foul mood don't disqualify me for work, but I want to put some wheels in motion before they clear me.

      Yeah, about that, just saw a small lot of the original box, 12 cruisers, some escorts and what looked to be a incomplete Battlebarge sell for 200 Pounds....crazy! My lot should come in tomorrow, what I have been able to source sofar is either scrap that can be remade with enough parts, or stuff new in blister. We are planning to do a campaign, so that should give me time to restore and refurbish what I have into something useful. You are free to drop by any time :)

    2. I plan to finish a little over a 1500 points in June for my game with Modhail. It would be great to wrench in a game with you too later in the summer.
      Right now I'm busy building the unfinished ork ships I had and adding most on sturdier bases as many of the original plastic holders have broken off.