vrijdag 17 maart 2017

Smell the fresh country air!

Well, maybe not....

Again, heavily leaning on what Jimbibbly makes, mine is  a tad wider but it works, a Japanese outhouse.I think I will make a another one, these take very little effort and can be found in the fields as well.

The big building is fighting me all the way atm (hence I put it aside and made an outhouse).
 Needs woodpanneling, maybe another window on the lower floor? Extra sanding on the roof to make the roof shape fit better. We'll get there.

Front is almost finished, but also needs a window on the top somewhere? Doordetails have to be done too.

And here be dragons! 50 cents for the pair, both (lightly) damaged, so I based them and they will do nicely for Frostgrave of dungeoneering or a cultist hideout. Just needs some sand and other base details.

And lastly, with my apolagies for the terrible picture, a small idol carved in some sort of stone (it didn't look like resin) after cleaning dirt off of it. Based it, will do nicely as a African/South American idol, covered with moss, plants and grasses. Should do fine for 20mm and 28mm alike, and great for Pulp.

I'm now downloading and editing posters and fliers suitable for Gaslands to put up on billboards that I will be massproducing soon.....eating up a lot of time but as always, the look supports the game.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. What's that picture you're using for the roof?
    You really got a knack for making these houses, they look almost perfect.
    These dragons are an amazing find, they will look perfect as guardians of some kind of gateway.

  2. GW Direwolf box - I sold the contents last week and I'm now recycling the box as the basic roof then I then tile with swizzle sticks.

    Yeah, I'm churning them out pretty fast, will take a few days off and then see what I want to build next.

    Yup, could not resist the dragons, they are perfect for a Dungeon or a shrine.