zondag 19 maart 2017

Swerving wildy off topic! Panzerturm! What?

So, I sat down lastnight to work on the big Japanese house, did jack all for 30 minutes, then decided to go up in the attic to check my inventory and clean up a bit. It helps to check your stuff before a convention, lest you return home with the same stuff over and over (Like the fact that I have 13(!) FW-190 kits in stock.....really). I quickly filled a box with incomplete kits and stuff suitable for wrecks, and dunked a PSC 38(t) box on top, and made my way down again.

So, lots of stuff I can use for Afrika, and what do I do?

...I go and buil myself a Armoured Supplvehicle for Barbarossa. The army that I sold off to Piers for the book a couple of years ago.....for the love of God man :). Anyway, that was 10 minutes of work. And then I had spare turret. 38(t) turrets were used in Tunisia, Sicily, Italy etc, so why not make a fitting bunker?

Looks simple enough, if a tad tall on the table, but I have a plan for that.

Template for the bunker outline, and the metal mounting plate. The underside of the turret was clipped off, sanded smooth, and I sealed the hole with a thin sheet of plasticcard with a magnet epoxied on it (which now sits inside the turret).

First 2 layers, sand the corners (didn't work perfectly but good enough for government work).

4 layers of plasticcard, I've not sanded it all the way smooth, the layering helps with the poured concrete effect when painted. The bacl hole in the back is where the doorway would be....yes, the roof would be a bit thicker then that but this is a wargames model for the table for people who don't dig holes in foam to mount bunkers into.  Mount this on a base, add some space in the back, paint the illusion of stairs and presto.

The bunker sans turret. Underneath the mounting plate is a a hole into the first 2 layers of plasticcard and a magnet epoxied into it, and the mounting plate glued on top so it is not going anywhere. I can now use the same bunker for Normandy by mounting a FT-17 turret on it, for instance.

I'll make a MG and Mortar Tobruk in the same fashion and send both off to the Hobbyden for casting as Piers mentioned he would like a couple and Bryan likes them too.

Right, that is it for now, I'm slightly deceased after taking a trip to the TWENOT event at the Overloon museum today....a single crutch and 3 bags full of model kits don't really mix. I did not recognise the museum anymore, it's completely different from the one I went to as a child. Back then I felt all tanks looked big, but this time I came eye to eye with the restored Panther and it blew me away. I picked up my pre order, a few boxes from the 2nd hand stalls, and the paintset for Caunter. I was pretty beat after an hour or so, decided to leave, drove to the Supermarket for a simple lunch as the canteen was way to expensive for my wallet, and when I wanted to leave I suddenly remembered I had forgotten to pick up another pre order! Crap. So I went back, picked it up, and then found out there was a salesbooth hiding behind the Panther! I picked up a real gem there, but more about that later this week.....

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