woensdag 22 april 2020

Remember La Maisontaal?

Back in January 2016 I started La Maisontaal, well, my version anyway. This then ended up in storage, parts broke, and was never finished. I found it while clearing out storage boxes last week, and I want to put my mind off of things, so.....why not.

So, we start with the only piece I have left (as far as I know, the other parts broke and I just gave them away). And from there, things just happen.

Add some wood from leftover fireworks, and add more and more.....

And more wood.....and sand. It's nice to be back working on it.....even if it's no longer La maisontaal but just a large house for Mordheim. Really keen on finshing this one for a change, a new goal as you say.

I've put it all to side for now, let it rest a few days, I need to sort some life stuff out, finances, get stuff catalogued and ready for sale for some hard needed extra cash.

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    1. Well, I did have a headstart ;) Fortunately those period houses are not terribly hard to build and things beeing crokked actually gives character, not a fine from the council or something :P

  2. Sorry for your current woes, sir, I have been in the realm of unemployment too and feel your pain. Try a little hobby each day to keep your thoughts elsewhere. Let us know when you're going to be selling stuff, perhaps on LAF so I can help you out ;)