woensdag 24 mei 2023

Forlorn Hope at Sachsendorf - Russian WIP part 1

 Progress made sofar, put in the build box what I have right now. Magnetised all the T-34 hulls, tomorrow all of the turrets, and got halfway with the T-34 ARV. (it's not in the list, but if I'm building so many T-34's....I might as well.)

For some reason, in the last used lot I bought there were a few PSC T-34 track sections (no T-34's in that lot). Cut one apart, made a line i9n a few wheels and used my Japanese saw to extend the gap. Looks good enough at a distance, added a oil drum from the PSC accessories sprue. The load bed is made from a spare PSC Blitz cargo bed. Back end I'll add a tarp to cover the not so nice cuts, otherwise pretty happy. Tomorrow detailing and putting on the cables.

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