woensdag 24 mei 2023

Forlorn Hope at Sachsendorf - Russian WIP part 2

 Tonight all T-34 hulls got equipped with a block of the (not usable anywhere else because

partly hardened) greenstuff with 2 bolts in it so that the models have a little more weight and

glued all hulls. Rheumatism and kneading could just be a war crime.


Oil drum fixed, worst of the 2 running wheels glued flat and fixed, nicer of the 2 with the best

successful side placed at an angle and 1 axle of the German Truck set slightly shortened and made 

into a gas cylinder. (oil drum, lubricants, gas cylinder and the Russian habit of smoking 

wherever it is not allowed. I'm sure it will go well). Also a crate of the Accesopires set 

attached to the side of the hull as a toolbox. 


Now let's see what else can/must be put in the cargo box and then start working on covering the 

rear part with a tarp. Then pull cables from front to back and back to front and the rest of the 

detail work.

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