zaterdag 20 mei 2023

Good Will Hunter

 Took a trip by the Goodwill store to hunt for additional supplies.

Another roller to make "rivits" in cardboard panels, cardboard straws for pipes, wooden poles for supports and needlework of the finer mazed I've found in a while. I'll use that stuff to start making Vietnamese huts in 15mm for Piers and Warwicks Vietnam game.

Yes, I could buy a few Sarissa Huts for the same effect, but unless I really really need to to, buying in the UK is not an option. Plus I have enough MDF unbuilt as is.

And some kids glue so I can glue stuff down on handles to paint, as all the other glues I have is a bit too grippy.

And all of this for a whole 1,50 euros. :)

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