zondag 4 januari 2015

Broken promise

Owww, 4th of january and I've been buying models for the past 2 days. So much for my moratorium. In my defence, I sold a couple of hundred micro armour models and only bought 17 GW models sofar, but yes, this isn't what I had planned.

So what happend?

Piers has sent me a Mordheim warband to build and paint so we can game when we meet up again, but it is not complete, so I have to add some stuff to it to make it gameable.

Because I want to paint some 28mm figures anyway, I set myself a 10/10/10 quota for Mordheim/Necromunda/Inquisitor. But what I had not realised are the insane prices 2nd hand GW sells for! I also should not bid on auctions when babysitting my own kids, as I managed to forget I had already bid on 2 models, only to big again on 2 of the same models 2 days later. And what do you know, I won all the auctions, bloody typical.

2 weeks of waiting for them to arrive, and then put them back up for sale to get rid of them as fast as possible.

Fortunately, when I asked a question about useful models on various fora, quite a few peeps replied sofar, willing to help out at normal prices or trades, so I'm almost at 10 for Mordheim now, Inq28 is halfway and 1 model for Necromunda.

But with funds running dry I will put up more stuff this week to sell, sell, sell.

Oh, and best laid plans? They never survive contact.....

6 opmerkingen:

  1. The same happened to me once, when me and a friend got back into Gorkamorka.
    Some of the vehicles went three to four times the original price. Before I knew it, I had spend several hundred on stuff.

    1. I can see money running from my wallet at the moment.....

  2. With me it was the January sales that got me buying stuff that I shouldn't really have been buying (as I have loads on my workbench already). The good news is that I have now spent up my Christmas/birthday money and so have to get on with stuff I already have! :)

    1. My funds are almost depleted now, it is a good thing I'm not allowed to spend anything for the next 4-6 months!

  3. Johan, Inq28? You just made me a very happy man... ;P
    Although, you getting into Inq28 as well (meaning I've finally got someone to play it with) could affect my intention of focussing on dungeoneering/fantasy this year.
    Oh dear, this falling apart of best laid plans, I think it's contagious!
    (Fair's fair, it would only be just deserts for luring you back into 28mm....)

    1. Yes, I'll do anything to make you happy :D You'll maintain your focus, don't worry, I've got Piers to battle first :P