maandag 12 januari 2015

Can I buy a dowel? Part 2

A week ago, I made a order with the lumberyard that handled my special projects in the past. Basically 2 blocks of wood with sunk holes in em, and 1 broomstick cut into 10cm pieces, and the leftover bit cut into 5 cm pieces. Set me back 20 euros for parts and labour, which was alittle richer then I expected, but still way cheaper then getting my own drillbit and having a go at it myself (with disastrous results and holes skewed all over the place.....)

So, 2 blocks of wood with 10 holes each, wich are the same length as the depth of the small cabinet beside me so they fit in perfectly, plus enough spare dowels to last me sometime, and not having to remove PIP stuff. I will be testing how it goes with 5cm and 10cm blocks, and magnetised and non-magnetised, but first I will need guinea pigs and those should arrive sometime this week as I have bought a lot of stuff off a mate of mine (well, technically anyway, I still need to pay him, but he sent it already....).

Also, work was kind enough to lend me a roll of soldering wire of 0.5mm thickness so I can do thicker cables as ooposed to the 0.2 soldering wire I already have, which will come in handy for my Techpriest. Not bad for something they had planned to bin anyway.

Ebay has been a bit kinder to me this week, letting me win various models from 1.50 to 7 pounds from the same seller so saving on shipping costs, including some 28mm Inquisitor bits, a old Primaris Psyker and a old Arbites Offcier with power maul that should fit in nicely with my retinue, or will become some of the loyal troops a Inquisitor can command. I will have to hunt down a Rogue Trader (Piers), you know.

I have been sorting out more stuff to sell as well, that should go on next week-ish if all goes well.

Laslty, I have to tell you that the kind chaps on the Lead Adventure Forum sofar have not been eble to assist me in finding a GW 40K Priest, but did point me in the direction of shops like Zinge Industries , , Spellcrow and Maxmini . I've seen some very useful bit for Techpriest and Inquisitor alike, a few bits here, a few bits there that I will be sure to order. But for the most, in the beginning anyway, I will stick to using stock figures. IF i can get them, that is. :)

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