donderdag 29 januari 2015

Nobody expects the (Spanish) Inquisition!

Yup, them lot.

I'm sorely tempted by these. Why? Well, 2 reasons. 1st. For Inquisitor I'd like a Puritan Something who doesn't get his own hands dirty but uses other means at his disposal, unlike the Xenos Radical I'm working on. 2nd I want to use the same model for my Mordheim Witchunters.

They sure do cost a pretty penny though! But Victoria has a treasure chest of conversion bits so when I have the money, I don't think meeting the free shipping limit will be much of a problem. Just not now :)


Necromunda: I just received almost a warbands worth of Orlock figures from Australia, plus a few Van Saar and a Telepath. Combined with the Scavvies box I bought I now have 2 Gangs to try out, plus a few extras from other gangs.

Mordheim: Jeez, where to start. Won a Human warband, mint in box, shrinkwrapped, won enough Skaven to last 3 warbands (none are specific Mordheim models though) plus a nice OOP Heresy Ogre (with table), a old packhorse, some more Witchunter henchman as well as a lot more Mordheim Beastmen. This box is really heavy now!

Inquisitor: Mostly trades this week, got another Inquisitor in power armour for free (I think I have 3 now!) plus a Imperial Guard Psyker (not the newer ones) as well as a lot of bits suitable for conversions like a box of Kroot in shrink for 10 euros (Radical Xenos Inquisitor folk). Also started my first conversion using a Tau Drone for this one.

BFG: Yes, BFG! I scratchbuilt a Tyranid fleet years ago, and I'm not sure if I sold it. But I bought a few bits bags and I'm to my nose in Niddy bits now so it would be rude of me not to convert a new fleet based on the old one. I know there are 3 sets of rules for Nids, all broken, but they are too much fun not to convert. But.....not for a while though, the other 3 have priority.

Buying in bulk has really paid off, I managed to get some amazing deals on figs that would have cost me an arm and a leg if bought individually. Same goes for buying peoples bitz bags....okay, you don't always get the exact bit you want twice, but it gives me enough bits for another bash or a good trade with anyone interested.

And this concludes the news. :)

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  1. Enough with the rambling! Show us the results of your buying frenzy: stop talking and start tinkering ;-)