donderdag 15 januari 2015

Days of plenty

What's a quick way to make sure you get "that look" from the missus?

Have 7 envelopes and parcels arrive the same day!

All the previous weeks dealings landed on the mat on the same day alright, mostly bits from the UK and Holland, trades and buys. All the items received were intact and just as advertised/promised, so all ok there. I'm way past 10/10/10 now though, though I have stopped buting on Ebay and am now purely focussing on local fora to keep the costs down. A lot more hit miss, but to be honest, do I really need to have a ton of figs overnighted so they can spend month in the painting que? I don't think so either :)

My Inquisitor box is getting rather full now, the only thing missing are some bits to make Alien/Imperial objectives from and those should arrive next week. I made a bid on a local forum on a lot that included, so it sems, quite a few 40K Witchhunters, and I already agreed on the purchase, only to get outbid  a few minutes ago because the acution hasn't been set to reserved yet....<sigh>. I've sent the seller an email but I don't think I'll get it, Marktplaats is quite notorious (for me anyway) with people backing out of agreements if they can get more money for their stuff. I don't blame them, it is just that after a verbal agreement has been made, it feels a bit naff to have the seller back out of it. And in this case I'm not bidding more money, I bid my max and that was it. Yesterday saw the arrival of a old and new Inquisitor model, so I have several options now. For a future expansion, and I REALLY shouldn't have done this, I picked up 3 second hand Cadian Armoured Sentinels to support my Inquisition troops. What troops? Well, I picked up a lot of made and unmade Cadians just to get the offciers and Inquisitorial retinue, and every game needs cannonfodder, so.... yeah. Even sorted out what helmets I want to give them. Pig Iron HD19 Faceless masses...think Stormtroopers. Yes, I'm getting ahead of myself again, so typical and it is taking my utmost to put the genie back into the bottle.

My Mordheim box will gain another half set of Mordheim Beastmen next week, and got some flaggelants and a Halfing (the very expensive halfling!) plus almost a full Possessed warband. I don't think we will see more additions soon, locally there appears to be no Mordheim for sale by anyone except a few at Ebay buy-it-now prices. Like the guy I got a mail from today, who has a Halfling hot-pot for sale. My bid went as high as 19 euros for it with no counterbids, be he said he wants 35 on it, what they sell for on Ebay. I told him Wrong, that is the listed price on Ebay that they DON'T sell for. Fool. His loss, and he said he was going to give it to a friend after keeping it on Marktplaats for a while to draw bids. Wake up buddy, you had 3 bids, both early december and mine today, sane people call that a sign. Anyway, I've got one halfling, maybe I'll find one to pass as a cook later, no rush.

My Necromunda box gained nothing, as what I am expecting is enroute to me, so more gangers from various groups plus the Scavvies box.

So what else is new?

Well, the scenery bug has bittem me again. But I think I'm pretty well innoculated atm cause the only bits I'm looking at are small objectives for Inquisitors and small machines for Necromunda....nothing major. Space is a factor here, and I will only have less of it in the future. Still, a few small pieces using stuff from my bits box will be considerd in the future.
Thomas, from the guys over in Ireland, was kind enough to add 2 more robots to my collection, from the Pig Iron Command packs....mighty chuffed with those even if they look a bit naff, it saves me the trouble of buying the command packs myself and then having to resell most of it.
In one of the lots I bought were 7 metal Grey Knights and they are actually rather nice, not only fluffwise but miniature wise too. I think I will keep them and strip them in the future.
I also picked up some bits from Kromlech, for future servitors and Techpriests, and picked up their iconic Ork pilot model for one of my Inquisitorial retinues as well. Haven't painted an Ork ever before in my life so that is going to be fun :)

Well, nothing more to do tonight then pack everything in the correct boxes and send out a few more payments.

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  1. Oh dear, and me having only ordered some 45 Victorian miniatures and some laser-cut houses thinking I was overdoing it! Success with the missus and lots of fun with the mini's!