zaterdag 31 januari 2015

Sanders Lamentations, Part 1

Sander, rightfully, has asked for pics and plans, and less chit chat. Fair enough.

First up, Necromunda. Really hard to get.

I managed to find, sofar, a starterbox of Scavvies that I just could not resist, 11 Orlocks, 2 Van Saars, 1 Ratskin, 1 damaged Delaque, 1 Goliath Heavy, 2 Scum, a Telepath and a Brat (from the forerunner of Necromunda). I'm trying to close a deal on more Orlocks (heavies and juves) and I thought I had a deal for a Delaque warband, but after getting confirmation that I had won, the seller has gone quite and has not replied to me for 10 days now, even after repeated mails. I'm assuming he got a better deal somewhere and just isn't telling me, but I will try again tomorrow night and call it quits. Marktplaats can be a fickle place.

But it seems like House Orlock it is.

House Orlock is one of the six families who make their home in the "Hive City" part of Hive Primus, the capital of Necromunda. The Orlocks, as house members are commonly known, are responsible for the production of the majority of the iron in Hive Primus, which has led to the house earning the sobriquet of "House of Iron".
The Orlocks have a longstanding rivalry with the mysterious House Delaque, due to the Orlocks sabotaging a Delaque factory, which led to the Delaques losing a very lucrative business contract with the noble house Ulanti. When the Orlocks got the contract instead, things only escalated, and the Delaques retaliated by assassinating Lord Hagan Orlock. The chances of either house burying the hatchet is infinitesimally small.
As for the other houses, the Orlocks are on surprisingly good terms with the matriarchal House Escher, due to the Orlocks traditionally treating the women very well, especially compared to the other houses.
Quite different from the Cawdor I used to run back in the day, these guys almost sound civilised!

Anyway, the Scavies will be for later as, if I remember correctly, I have a large pile of Necromunda zombies, somewhere. The Telepath, the scum and the Ratskin can stay too. The rest are, for now, labelled as trade fodder but I will hang on to them for some time longer, as you never know what I will run into.

Next up: Mordheim. Due to the longlevity of certain kits, I've had a lot less trouble finding stuff for them. Also, the older and newer Warhammer ranges are full of suitable figures.

I've managed to find 18 suitable Beastmen (19 if you count the Possessed band one) and alot of them are original Mordheim ones. Witchhunters feel like a bloody nightmare, flagellants/zealots (Mordheim ones, new and old Warhammer ones) come by the dozen it seems, I have bought a few more, but now I have for instance the hand puppet guy 3 times over. 14 suitable figs with 5 more on the way and not a single hero/champion in sight. Aargh. Possessed, thanx to Sander and a few select buys, now number 10 pcs. I am really happy with the old flyhead as a Champion/Leader. And thanks to a lucky find of a shrinkwrapped Mordheimm Humans box, plenty for them as well, with some really old figs thrown in to break things up. And yes, that Ogre has a table. The rest are old Bretonnians, a 17 quid Halfling (don't ask, but she makes a lovely couple with Hugo :) ) and a old Empire fig. There will be more added to this lot. Lastly, and not in the picture, last night I picked up 3 metal Gutter runners that I think are Mordheim ones, I have plenty of spare plastic models and I have a large lot that includes over 40 old metal Skaven arriving on monday. That plus a nice metal Rat Ogre means a Skaven band is back in the land of possibilities. Eek eek! (My first ever warband was Skaven, can you tell?)

I'll eventually will build all of them, as I'm quite keen on playing Mordheim again, I have tons of good memories about the game, and it is one of the best games Games Workshop ever made. Hands down. Which band I will do first, not sure yet. All eyes are on my Skaven right now, for old times sake perhaps as I have no idea what happend to my old band. Lovely conversions in that one, including one jumping in mid air Matrix style. He did get shot a lot though, bit visible and all that.

I've managed to find enough trade fodder to keep me going for a while, and I'm still actively hunting certain models, like the Witchunters and the remaining Possessed. I'll avoid the humans as although I think they are nice, they go for way too much whener I see them, and I have spent quite enough, thank you.

This concludes todays list, I will do the Inq28 list tomorrow or somewhere next week. My wife and kids are all sick so I have been running overtime, and I really need my sleep now. Can't believe this bit of text took me almost 2 hours...aargh.

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  1. An impressive/intimidating haul...
    You've got me itching to dig out my Mordheim stuff! Luckily I should be able to slot it into the greater Fantasy/Chivalry/Dungeoneering project. ;)
    I think I've got a nearly complete Sisters of Sigmar band somewhere, I just need to find a substitute model for the Seer. I missed out on that model, and now it seems to be rare as hen's teeth (and as expensive as gold-plated diamonds:/ )

  2. The Seer and 12 other models were in a large lot that sold on Marktplaats just 2 weeks ago. I should have bid 50 on the spot and won it, but I went in conservatively and bid 25. Big misstake. Was Reserved (sold) not 30 minutes later. What you could do is take a Sister Repentia and remove the chainsword? because a few of them are blindfolded if my memory serves me right. But those sisters are expensive to get as well. Hmm, conondrum....

    1. I'll think of something... Plenty of other ranges, and at worst I can always attempt to gender-swap a Flagellant!
      (Hm, I do still desire some Repentias for my Eclesiarchy Inq28 warband. I already have the Wagner-lady with whips that leads them. Why did you have to remind me? I'd better block Ebay for my safety. ;D)

  3. Oh how you do like to tease my friend! Well I had that one coming right? Anyway: healthy load of projects there in any case! Do you know what I found lurking in some old cupboard? an entire all metal Necromunda Arbiters squad including robo-dog... :-P

    1. Cool, I have those too! In a box, under my Necromunda Pit-slave gang. :D (I'm thinking the latter may also make nice Indentured Workers for a Mechanicus retinue...)