zondag 24 januari 2016

Ga'Hoole statue for Frostgrave

Not much to report I'm afraid. Been working halve days all week, pain seems to increase every day, it is just not letting up. Knee is ok if I lay off it, back seems to take the worst of it, Fysio just keeps talking how my boss should change this and that and I keep explaining it don't work like that in real life on a temporary contract. So, more pain? Yes, me and the girls have been sick all weekend, fevers on all 3 of us, coughing, generally feeling pretty miserable. Little Emma even threw up a few hours ago, and we took her sister to the doctors station at the hospital on saturday as she had been crying for most of the night before that, only to be told she was constipated....or not, and that she had a fever. So away you go with laxatives that must be consumed orally in liquid form, for a girl that really drinks way to little to begin with. (they don't teach this when you want to become a father...but having a small child sobbing, coughing, and with a fever on your chest drifiting in and out of sleep breaks you as a man as you are utterly helpless other then to give comfort).

And I'm going back to work tomorrow. If I cough the place up and it becomes unbearable, then I'll choose to take sickleave. But I'm under docs orders to take painkillers again and take pills against the coughing so my ribs get some much needed rest. So hey, I'll be fine, right?

Like I said, not much to report, hobby wise. Just this 35 cent owl figurine, I think it is made of herculite or something, picked up at the thrift store when I got back hoem from work last week and I needed a small detour to clear my mind.
One of the 2 armoured skeletons posing for size reference, but those are not finished yet.
Just a base, new paintjob, some tufts and foliage and it gets a new lease of life as a Ga'Hoole statue for Frostgrave (from the movie Legend of the Guardians me and Kim watched a few weeks ago, very nice animation about ....well, tribal owl warfare with sorta magic and owls with helmets and claw blades stuff....if you like owl I think you will like the movie if you have not seen it, it was very original to us - but very heavy on the Australian background).

Also metal note, just cause you are happy with your new pot of varnish doesn't mean you don't have to shake and stir it vigorously, old bean. Shaking it a few times doesn't cover it....as, to my regret, I noticed halfway through varnishing stuff, again. Donkeys. rocks, twice, yada yada.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Very cool find. Sorry to hear of your ongoing troubles.

    1. Well Nick, it is what it is. Rearranged my workspace today so I can do my job without having to ben or twist my back, and Nikki went back to school today, now only Emma is still sick. (me too but I'm ignoring that for the moment)

  2. Hey Johan, you sure are going through it at the moment, really hoping life gets a bit easier for you. I can totally relate about feeling helpless when your children are sick.
    I like the cool owl statue. Thought of you the other day when I saw some gem-like beads in an art shop - would look great for a statue's eyes ;-)

    Keeping you guys in my prayers (if that's OK?)


    1. Hi John, thats what I am hoping too :D

      I'm thinking about getting a sheet of those cheap plastic jewels and putting 2 in the eye sockets, might be the finishing toutch.

      Don't mind if you do, we can use all the help we can get :)