woensdag 25 januari 2017

It's big. Like really big. REALLY big!

Last week I mentioned a meeting to discuss whether or not a reccomendation could be made to extend the services of the reintegration company for another 6 (-9-12?) months.

This meeting turned out to be about more then that. Much more.

(I had written up everything that happend but decided to just hand you the shorthand of what happend next)

We proposed a extension of the reintegration contract and help in getting financial support for me to start a course to get papers for Commercieel Medewerker Binnendienst (support of salesmen, contact with customers and all the paperwork surrounding that). Since this has to be vetted by the UWV, which takes at least 8 weeks or more, this could mean another 3 months of waiting.

The lady who advises the insurance company said no, we are not doing that. We'll back you for this training if the UWV decided not to fund it, so you can get the paperwork sent asap. (and then mentioned she would sent them a text message, and her report and their official reply would be in 2-3 weeks)

I drive home, talk to Kim how the meeting went, and the phone rings. My coach. If I had read my email yet? Insurance company agreed with both requests straight away. I just need to send a request form to the UWV and apply for the training. That was last thursday. Now, 1 week later, the request form has been sent out, I've applied for the course, that paperwork has been cleared and I start school next monday, for classes monday morning and tuesday morning from 9 to 12, and another 3-6 hours of homework per week. The training is for 6 months so in theory I could have a diploma in my hands during the summer holidays (EDIT: just received their documents, it's actually 9 months so it runs right into November). On top of this my coach will go flat out to find me a intern job or volunteer job for 1-2 days a week where I can use these office skills, plus a place to work afterwards using a government grant for businesses getting staff for free (for experience) and a possible job afterwards if there is a connection. So fingers crossed and what not.

So, 9 hours a week of lessons (including First aid), 3-6 hours of homework (I'll be heading to the library to do that, too many diversions at home) and when we find it, X hours of internship.

Tbh I'm scared shitless..... it's all going so fast all of a sudden I have trouble keeping up. I'm going to have to be pretty strict ith myself but I really, really want this!

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  1. Great news, you deserve a spot of good luck my friend!

  2. Great news! Good Luck and don't forget to enjoy this victory!

  3. That's some very good news at last! I'm happy to hear you'll finally get that much needed backup and even take a big step forward compared to your last job. Enjoy school 😊!

  4. Great news! Always nice to have a plan too, so it is not just flailing around on your own trying to make something connect.

    1. Thx! I'm very, very happy with the kind of support I'm getting from various groups in this process :)

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    1. Ehm, I have a coaster sized Empire tattoo between the tops of my shoulderblades. Guess where my loyalty lies? ;)