zaterdag 3 juni 2017

30 day kit chalenge! Day #12; quick and dirty

Spending a full day with my kids alone, no wife, is something I enjoy a lot. I can just about keep up with them, though I wore them down a bit today (which is good as they need to burn through a ton of energy) and day ended with Nikki snoozing while leaning on me and Emma watching a cartoon (in a zombie like state) when Kim came home. FFW a few hours, the kids are in bed, I grab a kit and get to work. In this case the venerable HaT FT-17/MG, which isn't made up of too many parts, so a quick, trim, epoxying  the magnets in the hull and turret, glueing it all together, seeing it is skewed to one side and the top of the hull doesn't neatly close. Aw well, good enough for government work, it will be a grey German one anyway that can be fielded as a captured one with the partisans or just with the Germans. By a stroke of luck a friend has offered me a bag of Britannia Mountain troops, I just need to find some stuff in trade for it.

Magnetised turret so it can be used with foritications. Which made me think about the one I made earlier with the 38t turret. Hmm, better test that for a minute?

And of course, I have reversed the magnets....... <sigh>, ripped out the magnets from the base and turret, reglued them, now need to patch it all up again. While that was drying I cut loose most of the parts needed for the 2 88's, I need to remove the flap from the 88 gun shields and open it up, and find a suitable bit of wire for the FT-17 exhaust. We will see what we can do tomorrow.

And in other news, a fellow gamer is letting go of all of his Afghanistan miniatures, over 50 of them, US troops, contractors and civillians and goats, for a 125 euros. I've asked him if he wanted stuff for trade, but no, cash only this time, so bargained it down to 100 and the promise to get the money in 2 weeks or pass up on the deal. This means next week I need to put up a bag of Epic and BFG for sale to top up my Paypal again and pay up.

Bargain of the week (or month really) arrived as well, a set of Zimmeritt tools. 2 of them are too big for 20mm, but the other 3 work for it quite nicely. This means I can start updating a batch of Panzers for the cause, when I find the time to do so. Delivered to me, built and everything, including shipping, for less then 1/3rd of  the cost of a new set. Lovely.

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  1. Who makes the zimmeritt tools?


    1. Hi Matt, that would be Trumpeter >>