maandag 5 juni 2017

30 day kit challenge! General status update

So, what's the current standing?

  1.  22nd of May 2017 - 52-K 85mm AA gun - needs wheelhubs
  2.  23rd of May 2017 - BMP-1 - needs hatch
  3.  24th of May 2017 - 2x Polski Fiat - FINISHED x2
  4.  25th of May 2017 - Salvaged truck - FINISHED
  5.  26th of May 2017 - Dapol Water Tower - FINISHED
  6.  27th of May 2017 - BISON - needs concrete and tarp
  7.  28th of May 2017 - Salvaged ZIL-157 - FINISHED
  8.  29th of May 2017 - T-55 wreck - plenty of work to do.....
  9.  30th of May 2017 - nothing
  10.  31st of May 2017 - Flak 88 #1 - plenty of work to do....
  11.  1st of June 2017 - Flak 88 #2 - plenty of work to do....
  12.  2nd of June 2017 - FT-17 (MG) - FINISHED
  13.  3rd of June 2017 - Panhard 178 #1- FINISHED
  14.  4th of June 2017 - Panhard 178 #2 - FINISHED
  15.  5th of June 2017 - BTR-152 conversion - coming along nicely...
Day #13 and #14, I made the 2 RPM Panhard 178's. Both will be captured samples, both have been magnetised, 1 will be with the standard turret but also with a turretless option, the 2nd one a lote war one, right now as a turretless version until I can find another kit with a proper turret.

Pity the kit is shite though. Almost ACE like level of quality, bad fitting, illogical sprue build and even a armoured plate missing from the sprue and the manual (left rear door armoured louvre). Wheels look great though. 

I removed all of normal axles structure as it is shite and will break by just looking at it. So replaced with a thick bit of plasticcard and replaced the axle with offcuts of round sprue of the same kit.

I'm aiming for these vehicles:

Day #15 is a BTR-152 conversion into a SLA (South Lebanon Army) militia wrecker. This is also my entry for the Guild Build that is currently running. The main body is about done, next is detailing and the winch.

What I am aiming for:

And that is it for today (with a bit of a delay as Blogger refused to upload pictures lastnight)

Oh, and just for funsies.

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