vrijdag 30 juni 2017

NOTICE: Photobucket has now been binned

Right, just deleted my first account with Photobucket and will probably delete the other 2 next week. This will influence my older posts so I will have to take some time out to check every post and see what is lost. Same with all of my forum posts. Really didn't need this as I'm busy enough as is, but I guess we are all affected and almost all forums are now devoid of pictures, for the most.

Note that this isn't a case of not wanting to pay (well, actually it is, asking for 300 dollars on the drop of a ball is Mafia like bahaviour) as I had a paid account for most of my time with Photobucket, but I let that lapse as the quality became abysmal over the years and there was just no point.

Good riddance on one point, but a lot of extra hassle on the other end.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Ouch, I might have to drop my account also. Any idea as to a replacement?

    1. Looking at all options now, from just buying webspace to host my pictures to things like Imugr which are free (for now anyway, I betb there will be a huge influx of people leaving Photobucket so who knows where they will all end up)

    2. Guess I will have to check out imugr then. End of an era....

    3. Yup, end of an era allright. For the moment, even with limited funds, I'm more and more looking at my own webspace as to not be dependant on easy acces photodumps. Guess I need to sell more stuff :)

    4. Doing the same on this end. Got to get rid of stuff to fit in the storage unit. Got to make the Women of the house happy, and having her office not be my unofficial storage space will do that. :P

    5. I'll take some pics of my hobby room when I'm done this weekend. You might be shocked :D

    6. That's the problem I have at the moment though. Had to move and lost the hobby room.
      Its a Smaller place and cheaper. But at what coast man! :D