maandag 10 december 2018

Back to the Future: Desert Town

Remember the 20mm desert town I made a few years ago? And them dumped into boxes for later.

Well, later is now. With my thumb removed from my arse, having a quiet sunday afternoon with the girls crafting and me firing up the airbrush after getting the first box of buildings (Kim was off for a high tea).

So.....1 basecoat of Vallejo RAL8000 airbrush primer later (and a bit of grey primer on some doors for practice).

And the basics are done. And then realised some bases are not completely sanded yet <sigh>.

My high quality phone cam *cough* bullshit *cough* washes it out so much it looks grey, but these are washed with Brown and Black  and then airbrushed on a 45 degree angle with VMC Dark Sand. (just trying out stuff here to get the look)

Slightly better shots of how they look now. VMC paints are now 10+ years old and in need of replacing. Many have clogged beyond use, and with my more frequent use of the air paints (not just Vallejo but many others) I think it is time to no longer to use them for my airbrush (as all of the cleaning when they clog (and clog they do!) is getting annoying. So, I picked up some AK Real Colours lately, and the AK RC079 CARC Tan (beats me what that means) come damn close to the Dark Sand I used so I am giving that a try, and will highlight it with AK RC041 Portland Stone and that will be the paintbase for all of them.

I grabbed the 3 water trougs as well as they are nice and small practice models. The missing basing sand on a few isn't an issue either, I'll paint the buildings first anyway and the real weathering is done first, and the basing finished last.

The factory/barrack toilets are ready to be primed.....but I can't for the life of me get a colour in my head that is neutral yet fitting. Pictures of the wrecked one are plentiful though, like this one:

On a sad side note: Googling "Open pit latrines" breaks your heart. Drownings, and the amount of people in the world who don't even have this most basic of toilet plus the pics of kids.

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