woensdag 12 december 2018

Northag: Buying the farm - Stables - part 1

Well, I seem to have received Nurgle's blessing so not a lot has been done....

Cleaned up what little needed cleaning on my Leven order, gave everything yet another scrub with degreaser and sanded the 4 barns and epoxied them together to make 2. Clipped off the chimney stacks, regrooved the roof in those locations and did a basic infill with greenstuff.

Not much to show for yet, but hey.

Now to scratchbuild 4 silos to go with the stable, 2 for each, and maybe 2 smaller ones as well. Not sure yet, depends how fast I can make then and if I have the right stuff in my styrene shapes for them.

Not very happy with the size of the storage tanks, they are a bit small for what I have in mind, I might replace it with a 1/700 oil tanks from the harbour set I have, and modify that a bit.

The vehicle shed pipe got a cap as a test of the styrene Leven uses for pipes, but it seems to hold up fine. I'll cut a vehicle in half to glue it to the open side for a 3D effect. The single garage is going on the side of the farmers house. The glasshouse and a small shed will go on seperate allotment.

I can't for the life of me remember why I bought the other big shed. Can't find it in my notes either, so for now it is going in the spares bin for later use.

My Scotia order arrived today, and their MiG-21 is miles better than the H&R one, so I now know what will happen to the H&R ones..... The other models are fine, even if I earmarked them as wrecks, but the casts are so good I will order up a few more. I need a few models for other purposes anyway, but more about that later.

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