dinsdag 26 februari 2019

Paint it Black-Grey - WIP Brickwork

After a wee too many meetings today, I've set the aquaduct aside to add more bricks tonight. Slappeed on a mix of Black Gesso and grey paint that dries waterproof on it for a base. I'll toutch up any spots I missed tonight, and let it dry for a while to make sure it has fully hardend. Handling the brush for the past 30 minutes killed me a bit, so the rest of the work shall be done with sponges...gives a more natural pattern anyway.

And here is a picture of black grey basecoated ruined walls. :D

Edit: I'll also be cutting down the arches a bit to make it more in tune with realism, and trimming the base of the large section to make it a lot narrower....ease of storage and transportation.

Edit: The first walls just got another coat of grey and black, with mixed in Mod Podge for extra strength. Depending on the time available tomoprrow, I might get started on painting that section. Spent another 2 hours or so on the aquaduct/viaduct/whatever, trimed the sides of the large bridge top a size my storage space would agree to more. I have a few hours spare in the morning and set aside for either adding more stonework, or....

The lot I have now spans 1 metre across. I think I will add some more ruined arches to I can pick and mix or span the full 6 feet of a table if I wanted to. Might as well go for broke, right?

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  1. Great inspirational photos you got there, especially the last one with the bridge spanning over a gap.
    Still going strong I see, keep up the good work!