donderdag 9 april 2015

AK-47 (Objectives)

Another project I want to tackle this year is AK-47. In 15mm. I've even found 2 mates interested in it, enough that they will actually paint up stuff. I realise it is just as expensive in 20mm, so I will be extremely selective for this one and focus 75% on second hand purchases, if I can find peoples unused or barely painted starter armies.. The other 25% will be Peter Pig directly and Ebay.

I've already made a deal with someone to buy his unuesed start army, but I'm having trouble aquiring enough funds...sales are slow, very slow. And I really want to fund this with sales only. So it will have to wait for a bit before I collect the nescessary 55 Pounds.

The to be aquired army is 90% technicals, and a single tank. The troops are mostly militia and regular army miniatures. Some weapons are mixed in, mostly for mounting on the Technicals.

I already have the rules, and will be focussing on a Dictatorship army (though none of the units will be specific, I'm keeping them as generic as possible) simply cause I have a Matakashi statue!

28mm miniature repurposed as a 20mm and now a 15mm statue. And if he is ever deposed, then....

I've got practically nothing 15mm scale left, other then my painted sci-fi vehicles and cause I used WW2 vehicles for them, they won't look half bad really. And some buildings I gave away for free to Piers, those will be returned to me.

I pulled from my aircraft kit collection a 1/100 Mi-4 and a Mil-24, sorting out air mobile and anti tank/ground support, and I'm in the middle of trading some 1/72 kits for  1/100 propliners for the national airport I want to build. I do think I might need to make some smaller flight stands for these, but I'm stumped where to get the ones I have, but smaller, but still have a bendable end. Better call on the powers of the various fora I think for that one.

Which leads me to posting a long list of possible objectives to build :)
  • Baoab tree
  • Goldmine
  • Oilwell
  • Sacred rock
  • Monument (sorted)
  • Train station
  • Bridge (rail)
  • Bridge (road)
  • Arms shipment
  • Aid convoy/shipment
  • Crashed Blackhawk
  • Crashed Aircraft (Aid/Drugs)
  • Hospital
  • Church
  • UN Compound/School/Distribution Centre/Orphanage
  • School
  • Presidential Palace
  • Plantation
  • Factory
  • Airport
 Stay tuned for more, like the Quest for a Leader or What's in a Name? and other interesting stuff.

Oh, and you can blame Jim for this. I've been following his Blog for years now, and his exploits have been my shining example: Jims Wargames Workbench

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