vrijdag 10 april 2015

Doomwheel, part 2

I've sidetracked the drone for now. I know I want 2 or 3 more, but simply cannot afford the expense atm of an additional 30 euros in shipping and parts for 2 more, and buying a box of them is way out of my league (46 euros).

I received several envelopes with bits sofar, either paid for the shipping or got them for free, for which I thank my benefactors. My mate Sander even sent me a box full of Imperial Guard en Space Marine bits for nothing, bless him. Anyway, we had a brainstormsession tonight with a few mates to see how we want to arm them. Options were assault cannons, lascannons, twin bolters, heavy bolter, (heavy) flamer, CCW, meltaguns, plasmaguns, next to the twin linked bolter that is already on it (the gargoyle faces). It had to be within budget for 2 more models, so a total of 4, for a max of 10 euros of additional bits. Nothing beats a brainstormsession while kneedeep in bits, and with a budget looming!

In the end, we settled for a twin Assault cannon version using the Dreadnaught assault cannon so it can double as a grenade launcher, twin autocannons using the old Ork Biker ones, twin (heavy) flamer one using the Sentinels flamers and a CCW version using lots of left over spikes and pointy bits, plus 2 CCW off the Sentinel (that nobody ever uses). Thx to my mates Sander's giftbox we managed to find all of the weapons in one go! I've got enough parts to make 2 more basic wheels (just tanktracks and 5x 40mm 2mm thick round bases glued together) and I'm edging towards using biker bases for these, 50x25mm pill shaped ones. 12 of them in 2mm MDF will set me back 1.20 Pounds but then the postage hits. Hmmm. I've got a big bag of plastic 25x50mm bases....not a hard choice, I will just round off the edges and save me the expense. Jay, 10 euros saved!

Now off to actually build 2 more.

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