zondag 5 april 2015

Press moulding at ungodly hours

What do you do when it is 4 o'clock in the morning and you just can't sleep? Right, you go press moudling things. Right. I did. Got some nasty looks from the cat though :)

36 little press moulds later....I didn't bother with the press this time, I just made sure they were really hot and pressed them on. I made most on parts of a 2nd hand Administratum (I think) building I got in a lot a while back, lot's of usefull trim like rosette's, light fixtures, vents and what not. Also copied some mechanical bits off a dreadnaught I have lying around in parts....some items look like usefull mechanical gubbins, some even looked like a sort of landmines, always usefull.

Since I still couldn't sleep I filled in some of the moulds and then went to bed anyway around 5 ......

Here's what I did earlier plus some of the stuff from this morning:

From left to right.
The vent only has detail on the top half, but I made about 6 moulds of them so I'll be bound to get a few good copies. The small shrines and skull came out perfectly. The skulls on a stick, only 1 has a teeny airbubble but otherwise fine. Bannertop, fine too. Bit from a building, the skull has no detail, but the mould does so most likely my inexperience. Skull shrine bit, did that one first and managed to mould it twice, both not perfect but very useful for what I have planned. Top row had a Cadian skull and helmet, slightly distorted, but if I cut off the offending bit should work fine on a base. Sewer hatches are good enough.

Now to fill in another dozen moulds and then pick up my family for Easter festivities.

Happy Easter everyone!

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