woensdag 15 april 2015

Doomwheel, part 3

It has been a extremely good week sofar for the Doomwheels. Today, a letter arrived from Australia with 4 round half bits in em, enough for one Doomwheel. Thx Mr. Zeidler! Yesterday, a bits box arrived that I had won on Ebay.de a few weeks back but had been slow coming as for some reason the seller didn't send his bank details, but only wanted a bank transfer. A few emails later.....

...a GW Batallion box ends up on my doorstep. In it almost 700 grams of Space Marine, Chaos Space Marine and vehicle bits, plus a few assorted Bretonnina bits that will be handy for Mordheim and a few nice Eldar weapon bits that will be handy for my Kroot conversions. I had made a bid on the box cause I saw at least 7 bits that would be useful for the Doomwheel, and figured the rest would make good trade fodder. Boy, was I in for a surprise! In it were 22 bits that I need for the Doomwheels, half round bits, ring mounts, weapon mounts, plates, the works. And 3 Terminator Assault Cannons, which sell for more or less what I paid for the box in the first place. Also, a set of small multiple missile launchers from a Terminator were in the box, so in theory, if I found enough parts to make a 5th, a missile version could be made. Or I could equip them with magnets (all or just a few) so I could magnetswap the weapons around....meaning I would be able to do a heavy bolter or twin linked bolter versions as well. Or whatever weapons would tickle my fancy really. I'll put some more thought into that this week

Also in the box was a set of 4 exhausts from the bottom of a drop pod....which come in handy for Epic sized Blight Drones as built here > epic-blight-drones-tutorial I'll make moulds of the 4 engines so I can cast them quicker, and get a few servoskull sized lasgun or similar weapon only Nurgle nasties to field alongside my big boys. Parts for these I have already, got a bag of painted and unpainted Tyranid Rippers from a lot of Nids I once picked up for BFG conversions that are just perfect for this.

So, more Nurgle nasties for the Inquisitor team to fight :)

Also, payday is coming up, and I will set aside funds to buy bits for the other 2 Plague Drones....should be about 20 euros in parts (with free shipping) and 7-8 euro plus 4 euros shipping for the engines. I'm aiming to limit my spending to 50 euros for May, if I want to spend more I'll have to sell more, simple as that. There is 12,50 Pounds left in my Paypal account that I want to save for the AK-47 purchase, Also, I will be visiting the new GW store for some painting advice and chats on friday with nothing but 1 euro cash on me for a can of soda....that way there will be no impulse buying of any sorts. And after that I will visit my storage space to look for my Mordheim rulebook and more stuff to sell.

Oh, and I have 4 basic Doomwheels finished now. They build so easily :)

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    1. If you want pictures of a messy desk full of parts and some semi built Doomwheels, I can arrange that tonight! :D

    2. Lol, I can wait until you got them painted!

  2. How do you make your molds? I might need to do some thing similar to help save money myself

  3. See http://20mmandthensome.blogspot.nl/2015/04/press-moulding-at-ungodly-hours.html and http://20mmandthensome.blogspot.nl/2015/04/oyumaru-plastic-clay-used-for-miniature.html . I use Oyumaru plastic clay, but that has its limits and I'm using a lot of greenstuff atm.