woensdag 8 april 2015

Imperial Roadway Shrines, Part 1

One of my ideas to get back into 28mm is to make small bits of scenery like I do in 20mm. I can do a million things, but I thought a nice, and small but expandable project would be fun to get my head around. I always look for everyday items to put on a table, so I chose something I see several times a day, road shrines / chapels. I made a topic about it on the LAF I imagine you can find those on all Imperial worlds, from Hive to Agri world, and dedicated to Saints, loved ones or simply the Imperial version of a roadsign we locally call a paddestoel.

A what? A paddestoel. Or in English: a mushroom shaped roadsign, low to the ground, meant for people cycling on paths outside of the city.

Anyway, I've been doodling a bit and came up with these 3 for starters.

1 is a little more complex then I want to tackle right now, 3 is a pole with a light (a certain Saint shining  a light on a path) which will be very easy to do, but for now I will focus on the middle one, as I have plenty parts for it casted up and I feel I can duplicate this one easily, I'll just need to make the cables thin enough for my liking.

I see the middle one like a icon dispensing Imperial creed guidance to those passing by, there will be a grill on the back for a speaker/cooling vent of sorts, with cables going down into the base plate, on a 20-25mm base

Greenstuff moulds seem to work 3 times out of 4, though the ones that aren't perfect are not bad either, and most likely reworked into bases and stuff. These 2 bits are all I need now for the top part, I'm looking for a bit to base the pole on right now. Left is a vent from the structures boxes GW make, the right one is from the Dark Angels Landspeeder I think? I've casted quite a few of those, a very useful bit I think.

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  1. That's not a bad idea. It is something you don't see very often and certainly fits in with the setting. They remind me a bit of the small shrines and statues near the roads in post-capitalistic Japan.

  2. Those are amongst the items I have been looking at for shrines, to keep it relatively simple, and easily copied by someone with rudementary modelling skills.