zaterdag 11 juni 2016

Cruiser Clash Plus Size

After a miserable day I took my space mat and my 2 WIP Lunars and some prepainted Swords and hopped over to Modhail for a Imperium vs Imperium game (Think Cadets in a simulation room).

Erik took a gunboat with a Nova Cannon and a lanceboat and we sort of deployed on opposite ends, and rolled for various crap on the tale , including 1 solar flare and 2 radiation hazards. I won the toss and gave Erik the first turn, and he used it well. His torps went in between my cruisers in my turn, but his Nova Cannon hit true and smahed 4 hullpoints off Eurydice, crippling her, and she never recovered from that. She did some damage to his cruisers but 2 turns later she was a burning, drifting hulk. Things weren't all going Erik's way though. On paper, his cruisers outranged and outgunned me, but by staying close and rolling high and plenty of crits when needed, I pummeled his gunboatd and hulked his lanceboat in 4 turns. Then we became like 2 dogs runing after each others tails, with  Lord Baychimo lucking out by making 2 Come to a New Heading rolls and ending up very close to the enemy with a full set of torpedo's and making the roll for gunnery rerolls the next turn. My escorts had been hounding his tail for several turns but even with gunnery rerolls I barely took of 1 maybe 2 points. Then in the final turn it all came togther and we blasted the living shit out of the final enemy cruiser and another burning, drifting hulk was born.

Small games can go either way depending on the rolls. On paper, I felt Erik had the stronger fleet, and with the early loss of Eurydice I thought I was done for. Never give up hope :) The celestial phenomena also helped to spice up things, the solar flare could have been devastating if not for our poor shooting. I need to make myself some Asteroids.

Erik also agreed that the mats look very fine, are nice to the toutch, muffle the dice very well and the pattern is not overpowering (6x4 Space and 4x4 Concrete mats). More on that soon.

No work today on the C-47, like I said miserable day and I'm happy it is over, I hope the weekend is better.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. A nice report, I would have loved to see some picture though 😉.
    Yesterday I had my first BFG game since ages as well. A big loss as my Orks were both outmaneuvered and outgunned by my opponent's chaos fleet.
    Luckily for you it seems like you fared a lot better and in the end it was a close call.

    1. Next time perhaps, we were both rather tired and my ships are only basecoated sofar. But a close call indeed, had this been a campaign game it would have been a costly one.