woensdag 8 februari 2017

On the second week of school.....

Well, even more headaches to be honest, but I've been down with the flu since saturday (thx kids!) and I barely made it through monday. On tuesday I called in the support of a friend:

Not my proudest moment, but I made it through the day, went to school and the meetings and crashed after dinner. I've made a list of things to do for school and other appointments, which I had planned to do today but this morning Kim took one look at me and sent me back to bed to sleep till 11:30 so I was properly rested for my meeting with the job agency.

This meeting went rather well, even after I mentioned I have Aspergers so I can be a bit "quirky". So well even that she thinks I'm really fit for the job and she will introduce me to the company. I just need to write a letter stating my motivation for the job. And boy do I dislike writing letters like that. Fortunately my brother once sent me a template on which he ranks letters he receives from people applying for a job at his company so I use that to check my own. Deadline is friday, at noon. As I have 2 more meetings tomorrow it will be a job for tomorrownight as I really need to conserve my energy and get this damned elephant off my chest.

Hobby wise, the only thing I got done is take my sales up to 45 euros, but with so little time I doubt I will make 100 before the Poldercon event, so no spending money. I do need to sort a big box of parts for Ywan and get the Dutch bits box sorted so it can start the journey, but not in my current condition.

I really wish I had the time and the stamina to proofread the Battlegroup Tobruk army listst now Piers sent me.....well, maybe tomorrow or Friday.

I'll be back though :)

No, you may not. Sod off, I want to breathe again and get cracking on model kits.

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  1. My wife is a teacher, she brings all the kids bugs back for me! :D ...Sounds like you have a lot on your plate at the moment, hope you feel better soon.

    1. Just taking it one day at a time right now STephen. Should feel better next week, thx :)