zaterdag 4 februari 2017

Why Youtube can be a good and a bad thing.

I use Youtube a lot (well, maybe a bit too much tbh). It can be used for good, and it can be used for bad, bad things.... I also use it to relax.

Some of the channels I view I do so for the information they give me for hobby or history purposes. like for  instance:

Forgotten Weapons > more of a page for showing interesting firearms coming up for auction, but he goes into a lot of detail and history of the various pieces and as a ex-shooter I like that. Also shows the tremendous variation there is in weaponry, though they tend to focus on pistols, rifles and up to machine guns etc.

How to paint your wargaming figures (WSS Christy Beall) > weekly updated on sunday with a painted 28mm miniature, Christy paints up a whole range of figures from various companies from various periods, one at a time, showing the paints used, and talking you through the process. Highly reccomended even if you don't do anything in 28mm.

The Terrain Tutor > Mel's FB group for building anything from big to small, from a fence to an entire table. I started following this channel for his foamboard tutorials but he does so much more then that.

Tabletop Minions > Uncle Atoms show, he discusses a whole range of wargames related topics and thoughts about the hobby. He focusses a lot on Games Workshop but some of his views relate to other companies too.

Guerillia Minature Games > Daily updates from Ash, I've been here since almost day 1. It got me interested in quite a few games (and put me off some others) thx to the excellent playthroughs. From Games Workshop to Infinity to indepenent gaming companies, everything passes the review.

And a few others but from the top ones I look at every video released.

For the bad.....the following stuff usually eats up hours at a time.

 The Mighty Jingles > World of Tanks, World of Warships, The Division and other games, plus museum visits. Since I can't afford a semi decent PC that actually can run any of these games (World of Warships runs, barely, and that is about it) I sure do enjoy watching other play (and/or fuck up)

Bo Time Gaming > Lot's of PC games, purely for the comedy factor.

Big Mooney 06 > Got into him for the Kill Everything Hitman Challanges and never looked back. His Scottish accent is pure comedy gold.

Thenapple > I got here for the Fallout 4 Walkthroughs to see the world (as my PC can't handle it) and the Irish accent. Not as much content as before but I'm still enjoying it.

Stop a Douchebag World > Young people in Russia asking people politely not to park like dicks and don't drive on the footpaths. You'd think that be common sense......not so much in Russia. Lot's of stickers and sometimes very inept police. Lot's of new rich that think they can do what they like. Short videos. For a black and white thinker like me who likes rules as they make things clearer and easier, I'm amazed so many "normal" ( har har.....) people go out of their way to willingly and knowingly break the rules just go get a bit further ahead. And they sure swear a lot!

I need to cut down on it though. 5 minutes here, 20 minutes there and before you know it it's 1 in the morning.

Would you like to share your favorite hobby Youtube channels though?

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  1. Hmm, a large overlap with my Youtube regulars (with regards to gaming). And a couple of good tips to check out.
    On the area of entertaining time wasters I'd like to add "Snipe and Wib play". A gaming channel with a lovely British wry sense of humor. I watch it partly for the games, but mostly for the banter and personality of the hosts.

  2. Hahahahaha...Yes, YouTube can be a double-edged sword. I suffer from that 'I'll just watch a few minutes...' which turns into an hour of watching, instead of getting on with other stuff. I've had to cut back and TRY and only watch stuff that directly relates to the project that I am doing...

    Also, you have to take YouTube with a pinch of salt. These self-professed 'experts' arn't as dependable as people think they are, and they often perpetuate fallacies and inaccuracies. You have to be prepared to do your own research and double check facts.

    YouTube can be a minefield. :)

  3. Luke's APS is a good one to check out if you like terrain and accents!