donderdag 19 november 2015

1/35 Italeri Village Fountain - it begins

Saw this model in a Mordheim Youtube battle report by Guerillia Miniature Games and recognised it straight away from the Italeri catalogues of my youth. 5 minute deal on a kit swapping FB page, 3 week wait (he had it in his stash....somewhere....then his wife was supposed to post it but she misplaced it....) and 10 minute build. Only replaced the water spout with a more durable brass tube one. Suitable for Frostgrave and Mordheim (and Warhammer, and Moderns, and WW2 etc...)
(1/35 Italeri Village ancient piece of plastic)

Trial runs of Frostgrave tomorrow, so I'll basecoat this one in the evening or maybe saturday, paint sundayevening or somewhere next week, then weathering. I hope to get her done really soon.

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