maandag 23 november 2015

Scrap on the painting table

Stupid me. Asked Modhail to pick up a bottle of the GW Niksomething Oxide, he passes it to me on friday before the game it´s gone. Not in my boxes or bags. So goodbye weekendplans of finishing the statues and making even more of them. No sir.

So I grabbed the nearest box and out came )some of' my sci/fi scrap. Black basecoat didn´t go on too well, looks to be a combo of almost empty can doing funny things and maybe a bit of mould release agent on some of them, but another blast of grey primer sorted them.

Going for fast and simple in combination with learning more about filters. I ordered a couple of new ones lastnight, they should arrive by the end of the week, but till then I´ll keep my focus on using the streaky grime and learning what it can and what it can´t do. Less is better, for a much lighter tone.

Anyway, pics talk better then I can.
4 on the right have a not-so-matte varnish applied and are almost dry, the one on the right I had prepared earlier so I went with that. Just streaky grime, applied a bit too heavy I think but not a bad result. I will tone it down on the others. Decided not to paint the base first this time as I wasn't sure how much of the washes and filters would pool. Turns out I did not need to worry, but keeping that stage for last isn't such a bad idea anyway. Some well placed tufts will cover any unsightly holes underneath the scrap.

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