zaterdag 21 november 2015

First game of Frostgrave without a mentor

Some errors were made during this battle. No egos were harmed. Lots of fun was had, and 2 more are enthusiastic about the game.

I brought almost my entire scenery collection tonight, plus a selection of miniatures, playsheets etc. All 3 of us had the book, but me, guiding the other two, was the only one using it.
I created lots of cover points and managed to fill the enttire 120x80 table. The guys played a very tactical game, hiding as much as possible, and casting leap tons of times (too much in fact, they used it on each others teams too to drag the treasure carrier back from the edge. Great fun, but not allowed! Oops!) Also a great favorite of Henri was casting wall, I think he succesfully cast 4 or 5 of the things.
And it worked perfectly for him, screening his force from being attacked by Modhail. We used the variable game length mod and the treasure not off the table and in your hands - 50% chance you have it - mod. Also, no XP for wizards killing stuff. They did not really need it, Henri had in 7 turns 13 succesful castings and Modhail had 9. And not just on the easy spells either, even 14's to cast were on target. They did not go for kills either, purely to get the treasure and get out again asap.

Bringing the counter with troll poo cause an interesting result. Two turns in a row, they managed to activate a Snow Troll, each time at the exact same starting point. Some impressive shooting managed to kill one, and after some sacrificially cast Imps to delay the other he was blocked by a wall or 2. Other then that about half a dozen skeletons showed up. In the end, only 3 henchmen were killed (and 2 imps) and the game ended with 1 chest on the table in Henri's hands and the rest off table (3 for Modhail, 2 for Henri. Modhail had a great action, leaping one of his mercenaries to the top of the tower, grabbing the treasure in the next turn and then being leaped right back off the tower again. We laughed a lot at the results of some of the spells and their effects on our little men.

They both seriously enjoyed it. Henri is the most likely one to have an entire band painted within 2 weeks time, Modhail won't be too far behind finishing it this year I think. I've decided to focus on finishing as much scenery as possible before the years end, and then spend time on painting my warband. We'll meet up again in 2 weeks time, probably at my place so I want to have more finished.

Also nice, the local independent shopkeeper has decided to stock the Frostgrave rulebook and the mini's as well, so it looks like there will be some thursday night gaming in the future for me.  Another reason to have painted stuff, it attracts more people.

I'm nackered now. The guys played from 20:30 to 23:30, picking up the rules very quickly, correcting some mistakes we made soon enough and like I said before, really enjoyed ourselves. And that is the best thing.

This weekend - Saturday night is the new gaming night with my wife - boardgames, and maybe some painting sundaynight.

Now: bed.

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  1. Cool! Good to see your collection of terrain being used in a game - looking forward to seeing it painted up too :)

  2. That's a great terrain setup.
    Sounds like you all had a great time. I look forward to see it all painted.

  3. We've already threatened to come over and paint it, if he takes too long... ;P

    The game is lots of fun! At first look it doesn't seem too involved, especially with the fixed gear and stats of the soldiers (One of the things, as a loot-monkey/semi-roleplayer, I'm less pleased with, but I can accept as an essential design choice), but once the spells come into play, you discover the loads of fun and tactical thought the game brings. With the right spells, you can pull off nearly insane tricks and manipulations. Mobility spells are really fun and useful, as well as mobility-blocking spells. (My wizard certainly has "Wall" on his wishlist now!)
    What Gunbird neglects to mention, beside the loads of succesful spells on both sides, is that my apprentice left the field swaying and bleeding from the ears and nose as a late-game string of miscasts nearly caused him a fatal aneurism... (He was left at 1 hit point, despite having healed himself somewhere between miscasts. Rolling ones on target 14 spells hurts!)

    Looking forward to the next game.

    1. Another trial run on 4th of December? And redo the paint swap, but properly this time?

    2. Er... the 4th will be a bit of a problem, as I'll be out of town that evening. Perhaps a week later, or tomorrow?
      Yeah, paint exchange part deux will occur. :)

    3. Tomorrow Kim has her night out :) I'll go to the GW then and I will pick up some paint myself and put you down for the 11th. You coming over to Boxtel that time?

  4. That's a table full of interesting looking terrain.