woensdag 11 november 2015

KISS (statues for Frostgrave)

So I've been looking at other peoples ideas for statues for the museum scenario for Frostgrave, and they either cost too much or they cost too much :)

So I diverted my attention to cleaning (nothing much else I can do now that I'm sick) as the cabinet with all of my spraypaints is hidden behind a mound of crap. So, while digging out box after box I find these chaps.
Had not seen these for a while. Old Heroquest figures, got about a dozen of these plus some sprues of early Skaven. Well, they are quite static in their pose, and I have enough, so why not keep it simple, stupid (KISS). Perfect statues at zero cost :)

Snipped off their tabs, sanded the feet flat and just glued them to 20mm round bases. These will look the part once painted bronze/copper with patina....that is when I get that new GW Technical paint
Yayyada Oxide something (stupid names). I might be able to pick up a pot next friday before going to Modhail.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Glad to see you are putting these to good use.
    I picked up Frostgrave as well at Crisis. So far I'm very pleased about the rules and flexibiliteit when it comes to building a warband.
    After some digging in my leadpile I found some Helldorado mercenaries, which I think look very suitable. There is also a rabi which I'm going to use as a sigilist (http://www.ludikbazar.com/images/FIG%20-%20MERC%20MOSHE.jpg). Now I only need an apprentice.

  2. Good figures for statues - looking forward to seeing them painted up.