zaterdag 17 september 2016

Counting down

On Monday my little family will take a small holiday on the beach. We have plans for a week, but if the girls decide we had enough we will just go home.....the little house by the sea for a week is a birthday gift from my aunt, so as long as we turn off the gas and lock up when we leave, all is good.

Since we have no wifi there, and I'm not lugging a bunch of electronics with me, just a couple of books, and no Blog for a week :P Should be interesting :)

Hopefully an improvement over the past few days as well, feeling rather down, not helped by my latest purchase of Ikea Moppe cabinets.

The white ones I picked up on Thursday, the cabinet underneath the 2 arrived by mail today. I was incredibly pissed to find out that the white ones are more recent (?) and are a bloody different size! They are both bigger, they look like 110% enlarged versions of the ones I already had! I had no idea! I put them up today but it just doesn't look right. Luckily, I found the perfect place for the 3 drawer cabinet as it has space for A4 sized stuff plus a bit of room for your fingers.

Next to my monitor, I just put my printer on top, and put my spare paper, laminating pouches/photo paper, whiteboard stuff and labels right in one place. Several loose boxes cleared in one go, so they can go back in the attic, and I created about 1 shelf of empty space in the cabinet next to me.

Left wall looks better now too. Kit boxes in the back I posted to Scotland shortly after this picture was taken.
The 2x2 grey cabinet is from the same current family as the new white one. They are not as deep as the others, the right edge is actually 1 straight line all the way down. But I feel that is too tall for me, so those cabinets will go into my scenery cabinet (still following me?) to sort in my hedges, barbed wire etc in one place instead of several loose boxes. Might even sell the 2x2 again. Everything above the 4 boxes now will become shelving....I want to display my army helmets somewhere. Top shelf will be a Pappis shelf again.

I'm done searching for Moppe cabinets now (well, maybe a couple of wide drawer only ones, if I can find them) and all I have left to find now is a cabinet with wheels for underneath my painting desk.

I'm actually realising now that my favourite drawer cabinet, the Alex, of which I have 3 already, would be an ideal size to roll underneath the desk and not be in the way when using the room for games. (this because I just sold my 2nd desk was getting a bit ridiculous hopping from one chair to the other while I can just roll from left to right with a single chair.). Having wheels I can just roll it out when I want to work there.

That's sorted then, after my vacation I'll:
-Hunt down an Alex (high priority) and a 3 drawer Moppe (low priority).
-Add rails for shelves on 3 walls.

If I do that, there will be enough space to store scenery and miniatures into the far future, with much more room then I should currently need. Better to plan ahead, right? Then clear out the next 2 cabinets (and sell stuff), clear out the Alexes (and sell stuff) and by then it should be November (Crisis time!) and I can get cracking on clearning the attic.

I'm actually supposed to turn 40 in a month time, too! As Kim will never buy me toys for my birthday, I decided to ask for a small Minitower with USB connector. Download some podcasts/music, keep the PC turned off, less distractions, more painting.

With the recent sales I now have 200 in the Paypal bank, but I haven't even bothered to look at the Crisis traders list yet....I honestly don't feel like buying anything or justifying it, which is really unusual for me as the 2 months before Crisis are always a busy time with lots of sales and planning pre orders for pick up. This year I seem unable to make that commitment, as I already have loads of stuff and I'm better off trying to build and paint that. Weird, using logic on hobby purchases. But that is just the way I feel right now. I'm unsure if there's work for me at the PSC stand. If there is, my 20mm purchases are covered. If there isn't, I'll scoot the Bring & Buy, talk to everyone I know, look at the tables for insipration, spend some cash at PSC anyway for Blitzes and Marders and call it day early. There is always so much (too much) to see at Crisis so that it gives me sensory overload unless I work at one spot for most of the day.

Now off to bed, tomorrow a full day of nothing but BFG battles at Modhails place. He made me a nice list, but I'm very rusty so we'll see how my 1000 pts Imperial fleet will handle itself. Almost nothing but Range 30 weapons batteries so real Gunboats supported by a light Carrier and escorts. Yup, will be fun.

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