maandag 19 september 2016

See you next week!!

Saturdays BFG battle was highly entertaining, with higs, lows and OMGs! During set up I suggested the 2x2 Cruiser clash would be more interesting with reserves coming on from random table edges. So we split our forces into pieces, shuffled the blips and rolled for reinforcements each turn.

First up we had 2 Imperial groups warping in, surrounding a small Chaos force. Eriks opening shot (Novacannon) had a long lasting effect on the Styx as it lost several hullpoints in one go. That was a high.

In the next turn a Ork Battlkroozer dropped in next to Modhails Battleship that was navigating a passageway through a asteroid field. He went all ahead full. Surely he won't make that? Well, he managed to exactly land his ship in base to base, barging through the astroid field like it wasn't there, slamming into the Battleship and oblitterating it in a single go. I believe it was 30 damage vs 1? That was pretty much rock bottom low.

With ships arriving piecemeal it was very hard to support each other and get enough hits on enemy ships to take them out, though we where wittling each other down slowly but surely.

Around 5 we called it a day, did the math, and the Ork/Chaos team beat us by a bit over a 100 points, making it a narrow, if costly, win. (Not for the Orks though, barely a scratch on those. The Chaos force came off much, much worse)

Really motivates me to get a start on my 2 cruisers and then work my way up from there.

Today, besides packing, I've been reading up on some early notes on scenario's Piers is writing for the 44 drive through Belgium and Holland, and picked 2 that are good frameworks to build a force around. I find this to be much easier then just randomly tacking stuff to your army. Choosing a scenario, building and finishing the rquired forces is a nice goal in itself. Also, not much is needed to finish the (German) army needed for the scenario.

I've checked out my stash of Britannia figs and found that while I have kilo's of the stuff, I don't have the men needed to round off the remaining bits so I put in a order with Grubby tanks first in 3-4 years I think? I've also been hunting actively for 2 Jagdpanthers for the scenario, but found the available plasic models to be quite varied. I'll never build a rubber band track tank for instance, unless I can replace that with plastic ones from another tank. That narrowed it down to the S-Model one, but that is 19 euros for a box plus 7 euros shipping, and it has no tools on the sides so I would have to buy those plus tuned brass barrels. I'll keep an eye out on Crisis if anyone has them for sale, but till then I went over the second hand groups with a fine tooth comb and found 2 Hasegawa Panzer IV Lang including brass barrels at 8 euros a piece (though no reply yet from the seller) I hope to mate those (with some surgery) to PSC Panzer IV lower hulls like I did with the Brumbar and have that sorted and ready for paint maybe even this year?

Anyway, enough about all that. Off to bed and tomorrow a relaxing drive to the sea for a weeks vacation.

Yeah :)

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  1. What about the armourfast Jagdpanthers? They come as a pair for about £7.50 and early war miniatures does a metal stowagset for them

    Have a really great holiday


    1. Thx Richard. I'm already eyeing the stowage set, and in my absence PSC has received a massive loads of S-Model stock and since he is my boss I'll drop a few Pounds there to get a box.

  2. Thanks a lot for the report!
    The battle was a lot fun and I look forward to our next clash.
    Happy holidays!