vrijdag 2 september 2016

Replies from the producers to the MDF review

I've had quite a few replies to the review I did, so it is good to know I didn't just do it for myself. Both TT Combat and Sarissa Precision Ltd took time to send me emails.

TT Combat
Hi Johan

Thanks for taking the time to review our products. It is always helpful to get constructive feedback to help us improve our range and service.



Sarissa Precision Ltd

Hi Johan,
Keep the  benches, put them together based on the comments I make below but I will refund the cost of them regardless (modify, un-base do what you want with them)

I Read your review, I’ll comment on your main points - your review style is very unique with a focus on things that many don’t even mention which was interesting from a manufacturers point of view so thanks for sharing

Packaging - We always use new packaging and take care when packing kits. We also put this into the way we sheet our kits wherever possible - this stands up by the fact that out of thousands of kits we send out to trade and retail I could count on one hand the number of damaged in post problems we have had to resolve. Thats not to say that our friendly couriers and postal workers all over the globe don’t do their best to destroy them during handling so some battered boxes do happen.

Spaces on the sheets - We make most of our kits to standard sheet sizes which helps with packaging, instructions, storage and also sturdiness of the packs - another point to note is that filling every inch of the sheet costs more money - most of the cost of kits is TIME to produce. Filling sheets for the sake of it would add to the time and thus the cost - also as above making the MDF sheet the same size as the Greyboard sheet makes the kits pack more sturdy and stops odd corners sticking out to get damaged - we put a great deal of thought and effort into kit layout. That being said sometimes there is simply a price point issue and we feel small cheaper packs are better than larger more expensive packs when it comes to accessories - Our new picket fences agains the Park Benches are an examples - people will tend to need a fair amount of fencing so a bulk pack is better for everyone whereas expecting someone to buy 24 park benches or that they would even want that many doesn’t make sense so its a small pack.

Greyboard - you made similar comments on the greyboard elements on all kits from us and TT combat - we use greyboard in a number of out kits as it gives us an thinner material excellent for detailing but we can also use it to make some interesting shapes and constructions that MDF would be unable to do (our Armoured Train Kits would be the perfect example) - so about the material, well it’s NOT cheaper than MDF which is what most people assume you use it for. As for the strength suitability of it for certain parts of kits. Once glued and painted it goes like concrete, glue/paint are absorbed into it rather than just sitting on the surface so it actually gets a lot stronger ones glued etc. If you also have angles involved and folders you end up with a rigid and strong component.

The basing - you make a fair point about a base for the Swing Set - We will look to add one to that, there is room on the sheet. The bases on the other kits you didn’t like, again they are there you don’t need to use them - as you said you didn't. If we didn't base them people would say why no base, if we do they say why on a base.

Anyway thanks for taking the time to read my reply, your thoughts and feedback matter and since you have taken the time to write a review and give us the link I thought I would give the reasoning behind a couple of the things you mentioned. If you have any further questions or comments please feel free to give us a shout.

 I like that both companies have taken time to read and reply to my review. I've heard plenty of good about both companies communication skills and it's all ok. I have yet to write a reply to either but will try and do that tomorrow as I've been having trouble focussing today and I didn't get get a clear head till about an hour ago. Did sort and clean almost all of one cupboard though, which has sofar resulted in 3 shoeboxes of stuff that I can sell for future purchases.

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  1. Mighty decent of them to reply and for you to post their replies.

  2. I ordered a lot of stuff from Sarissa, also complained about their packaging, but they refuse to acknowledge that their packaging is not adequate. I guess they are fine with it because MDF can sustain a lot of beating and most often than not the content is fine. However, every time I receive a package from them it looks like it has been through hell which is not a good experience.

    1. Not just Sarissa these days, it seems most of the low cost or free shipping ones use the cheapest possible cardboard. I can't really blame them for that, you get what you pay for after all. And yes, the MDF sheets are quite sturdy and a bent corner on the frame is not going to ruin the model. But those cheaper boxes don't really stand up to rough handling, and now is top season for the shipping companies so those packages are really sent flying...literally!