dinsdag 6 september 2016

Well, that's sorted then!

Bad night (Emma has a cold so she wakes up and cries a lot at night, and I sleep light atm) so decided to go back to bed after I dropped them off at daycare. Got home, decided to check the emails for a minute and after that I just started cleaning the last bit and completely forgot about going back to bed.....

15 minutes in and it was all empty, and after some baby wipe cleaning it's dust free as well. It's not perfect, there is still some clutter, so I will keep chasing second hand Moppe drawer cabinets to sort that out.

Since I had energy left I took out the trash and cleaned the kitchen properly. Then a run to town to mail what has been sold, went for a bit of browsing and found the 40x60cm magnetic whiteboards to be on sale that would be perfect to stick to the door of my paint cabinet. Sadly, when I asked for a measuring tape (cause they might label it as a certain size, it might not actually be that size!) the shopkeeper found none so I'll be returning tomorrow with my own.

Then got home and decided it would be in my best interest to take a bit better care of myself, as I...well, seem to care all of a sudden? So a quick wash and shave :)

No 2 week beard and a smile for a change :)

Now everything is cleaned and I don't feel like painting :) Maybe I'll just start to tackle the half cabinet next to my desk and sort that out.

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  1. Excellent going! Well done, mate!
    Keep up these steps in the right direction! (And accept there will be some off days still. Don't let those dishearten you.)