zaterdag 9 september 2017

50 cent challenge; The Palantir WIP

Quick progress update, not much as we have a wedding to attend so I'll be gone all weekend.

Metal base, glued to plastic base, trim added with filler, top hole drilled out, magnet epoxied in, plastic cover added with basic trim that needs to be cleaned with a tiny bit of filler, magnets inserted into the bead I found which fit perfectly, sateh stick added in the top with epoxy and trimmed, needs a tiny bit of filler but other then that it is going swimmingly. I'll just make this top, the not-Palantir, and might come back at a later date for a Sauron's Eye kind of top bit. I've decided going into 10mm right now would be a super stupid idea. Maybe when I'm older and smarter (and actually have money)

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