zondag 3 september 2017

50 cent challenge!

After taking the girls to town, we rummaged a bit in the toyssection etc and I left with some broken vehicles and a small shack, and the girls with a puzzle and a colouring book (small kids get free stuff at both 2nd hand stores, which is a nice toutch provided the girls don't dig up the gazillionth pluche toy). As I sat down tonight I gazed at the price sticker of the small house and thought to myself.....it's time for the 50 cent challenge! So....
Just one rule -
 Find something in the range of free to 1 euro (adjust to your local currency and use a round number) and change it into something suitable for the tabletop....be it a objective, scenic or other gaming piece. It has to be the main part of the build, you can add bits and greeblies no problem, but you must still be able to recognise it. And that is it.

Go and have fun you guys :) Just post a before and after pic as well :)

I've started 2 tonight:
 Something from a kid's playset, looking at the sides it seems you can add other play pieces to them. I have not seen these for quite some time tbh. From a rough guesstimate I though this would work well for 20mm as a shack.

 I removed the roof as it was suspended quite a bit above the container. I also removed the base as I have no need for it. To my surprise I found out it actually has room for a small speaker and a on/off push button, but these have never been installed.

 My first though was to blanket off the openings with plasticcard and add filler to smooth everything out, but decided against it and went for the old tarp method..

The "tarp" is nothing more then tissue paper and translucent green Mod Podge grabbed from the 50% off discount bin, that I picked up to use for pondscum. I dumped a wheel on it from my spares bin, a bit of sprue resembling a tin can, and several rocks. I also added a base and a bit of sand.

Not entirely happy with 2 levitating spades, I'll cover those up with....something. But it's a start.

2nd item I started is the wreck of a US longnose truck. It really got the snot punched out of it, and they charged me 1 euro for it. No amount of haggling could persuade the woman behind the counter that this was most certainly not a collectible, and as the money the make is used to help the local homeless I didn't press the issue (too) much. But yeah, I overpaid.

Need to add junk around it, and sand, and a quick weathering job and it is ready for the Gaslands table or some form or other Post Apoc game or just for the junkyard.

 Picked these up last week, a big Guzzolene trailer for the spares bin. It is the same scale as the next truck. Sadly no decals but crappy stickers, so they will have to go, but I migth have some Shell decals in the spares bin.

Truck plus trailer  combo commonly seen carrying scrap or dirt. I'll enjoy weathering this one.

These 2 plus whatever the heck the next thing is set me back 75 cents in total at the other 2nd hand shop.

In my hand, it felt a bit like looking at Isengard. When suitably based with something to prevent it toppling, and a round object on top (painted with AK Interactive Oil Stains and some coats of gloss) it will do fine for generic Fantasy scenery, like a magical focal point for Frostgrave. Fig is a 20mm one btw. I'm now wondering where all my metal bases are, I want to get this thing prepped asap :D

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