woensdag 20 september 2017

Feeling a bit fenced in - 3 metres of WIP

As I didn't have much time tonight, I went for the do just one or 2 things and in bulk. So, 15 strips of cardboard and 15 20cm cut down BBQ matches later.....

Yes, rather.......unimpressive.

When done, it is 3 metres of metal sheeting fence, so there. Tomorrow the rest of the framework will be done, again little time, and Friday I'll base them all up and start cutting corners again.

And in other news, guess what I found in a 2nd hand store in thge next village.
Weirdest thing is that I found the first column in a DIFFERENT store then where I went today......and I still don't know what they are! Also a very handy Thingamajig that will come in handy. All of this for the princely sum of 30 cents for the lot.

Now, off to bed, internship again tomorrow and a review by my mentor and my jobcoach. I hope I'm doing well. I haven't FUBARed my way around or burned the building down or anything....yet, so I have that going for me :D.

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