zondag 17 september 2017

Every little step I take...

...brings me further in the right direction. Tonight, I cleared the desk, cleared most of the battletable (finally), moved all of the For Sale stuff on said table, listed more stuff online for sale and blimey, look at tthe time.

 Just trying to make sense of it all and avoid clutter on the table. Rehung 2 whiteboards as the sticky tape perished on both of them mere days apart, very odd.

Updated myself on some of the bigger items I'm working on (post-it so I know what's going on with it. Most are waiting for trade parts or magnets). Also started sorting unbuilt stuff into project boxes...keeps things a bit simpler.

Tomorrow I'm having a build day with some gaming friends, so all sunday building and chatting will be nice. The girls can join in with their colouring as well. I'm making dinner for everyone and after that we'll go on till people want to leave. Should be a nice day.

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