vrijdag 8 september 2017

Heads or Tails?

I'm a bit dead on my feet. It feels a bit weird for me saying this, but after 1 day of school and 2 blocks of intership I'm pretty much dead on my feet. None of my wild plans for the eveing come to fruition. I can't even be arsed to paint, I just sit here making even more WIP items instead of finishing a few to make space. The room is cluttered as well, not that bad yet, but enough to make me go a bit Aaargh....

My windowsill has become exactly what I didn't want it to be, a long line of WIP projects. There is clutter on my desk. A pile of boxes bside me of stuff that is either sold or needs to sell to my right. After dropping the kids off at school tomorrow and a small peptalk I want to get it done and clean again for the weekend, as I need a clean place to study. I'm working on the last course and it is a tough one. Lot's of business research to do....which is annoying as my internship is more RMA focussed then Sales so I have all this stuff to study that does not apply (right now).

<breathe in, breathe out>

Anyway, I have not been sitting idle. My Frostgrave: Ghost Achipelago scenery bits are well underway....even if they are all basically a lot of stone heads. Glues a big washer underneath all of them for stability, then plasticcard, filler and sand. Just need to finalise the 2 lying down and then I can take them outside and sand most of the mould lines off in protective gear.

Yes, I know, very Easter Island, but with my budget (wow, I have a budget now??) beggars can't be choosers and these things sure block line of sight. Plus they will come in handy for Pulp games as well. If.When. If ever. Btw, they are not excessive coke users, but I just filled some air bubbles in the resin.

Yeah...not buying stuff didn't go very well. I mean, I have sold way more then I have bought, and what I have bought was partially for friends, but I really, really should not buy anything. With what I have I could do everything I want and so much more for years to come. But you know....flesh....weak....something....<mumbles>

I did finish the basing on another 80 Taliban and only have a dozen or so of my collection to finish (basing). Then I want to get started doing them in groups of 10 and paint again. Yeah, paint..... I tried using an hour of radio only to get things going but the reception here of FM is so bad, and the DAB+ connection is possibly even worse, even with a 2 metre long aerial snaking along the roof. Progress and the future, my ass. I should download the WSS Podcast for starters and just plug it in, and go to town with paint. I want to have painted Gaslands cars, dammit.

Other then that no real news. I'm just so bloody tired. (and yes, it is almost 02:00 in the morning so that might make some sense).

Right, new day tomorrow. Pack up some kits and paint for another 50 in the bank, and ship it off to their new owners. Clear my desk and then just draw lines again till the room is clean. It's not impossible. I can do this.

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  1. These Easter Island heads look perfect for Ghost Archipelago.
    The game attracts me visually more than Frostgrave so I look forward to playing this one.