maandag 11 september 2017

With a little help from my friends

Had a long detailed chat...well, argument really, with Kim, enroute to a wedding. As we arrived a bit early we continued our chat but in a more civilised human beings kind of way and one of the things we decided on, other then raising cash for the occasional baby sitter so we can start dating again and have a talk (somehow that just doesn't work right here at home) and try to save up money for a bigger buffer if the shit really hits the fan, is that I should take a hard look at my collection (of unbuilt stuff) and the Crisis show.

Kim was a bit upset I was still spending money (granted, way less then before, and currently I have more coming in then going out) and had mentioned me discussing taking cash to Crisis really soured her mood as I really should not be spending money but making money selling my unneeded tat. And it might be a good idea to organise what I have?

Well, it can't hurt to think about that and ask around how others do it, so a few chats later I get the idea it might be smart to box up stuff according to projects like Partisans, VC, Normandy Brits etc and anything I don't have a good reason for having around gets tossed in the For Sale pile.

So, now I should make a list of projects. Sounds easy enough. (looks around the room) Oh....

Well, WW2, Moderns, Gaslands, Frostgrave, Mordheim, Necromunda and TNT narrows it down a bit. Except the first 2 are divided in a lot of things. And I mean a lot. Still, it is the easiest way to make sure I keep what I want to use and get rid of the surplus that has ne reason to be here.

(actual footage of my attic)

Oh, and the Crisis show? Well, if Will from PSC doesn't have a job for me this year.....I'm not going. Yes, some people have already agreed to pick up stuff from there, and I could really use the job and the day off to meet so many wargamers and maybe even a couple of you, my readers. But as I should not be spending money, at all, going to what in essence is one giant bit of bacon strapped a a man sized mouse trap, yeah......

Still, no news from Will yet (usually I hear something from him a few weeks before the show) and only 1 small pre order with Sgts Mess (who informed me last week that they will not make it to the show) I think I will be able to manage, if I go or not. It's not like I don't have enough stuff yet.

Yes, that much stuff. Honest to God.

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  1. Fortunately my wife only occasionally see's my collection in my room in the garage. No problem even though it needs a good sort out and tidy up. But she doesn't know what's above it in the roof of the garage. Boxes of old kits and airfix etc figures. I really need to get up there and re acquaint my self with my collection.